Spoilers: Shock exit for Vinny in Emmerdale as he learns the truth about Paul?

Vinny Ashdale (Bradley Johnson) was chuffed to find a pal in newcomer Alex in Emmerdale, but the young lad has no idea that his so-called mate is actually dad Paul Ashdale (Reece Dinsdale) — that is, until next week, as he makes such a devastating discovery in the coming episodes.

Vinny takes ‘Alex’ up the Dingle household for the afternoon, and the pair have a chat. However, Alex ends up putting his foot right in it, as he makes a comment about Mandy (Lisa Riley) — one that would suggest that he already knows her.

Vinny’s quizzes his mate further — who does what he can to cover.

As they leave, Mandy spots them — and it’s safe to say she’s not in there least bit pleased.

Later, she uses Vinny’s phone to set up a meeting with Paul, and — upon arriving — he’s shocked to realise that she knows everything.

Emotions run high, and Mandy orders Paul to stay away, and — later — he barges up to the Dingles once more to have it out with her once again.

However, Vinny soon walks in, and — in spite of Mandy’s attempts to cover — Paul reveals the truth.


Having realised the extent of all the lies, Vinny storms off, and Mandy swoops into action with the Dingles by her side, as they set off in search of the young lad.

However, it appears as if they’re unable to find him, and Mandy begins to fear that she’s lost him for good.

Has Vinny left the village?

Or will he return?

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Spoilers: Vanessa and Charity split in Emmerdale amid row over cancer treatment?

Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) and Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) have been through a lot in Emmerdale, but tensions have been higher than ever this year, as the soulmates have struggled to see eye-to-eye on a lot of things. With the animosity rife once more in the coming episodes, as Vanessa heads to a chemotherapy session, will the loving couple go their separate ways?

Vanessa is incredibly nervous as the first day of her chemotherapy treatment approaches, and — once said day arrives— she encourages Charity (Emma Atkins) to remain at home to look after a sick Moses, before heading off to the hospital alone.

As she never invited anyone to the hospital with her, Vanessa begins her treatment alone — that is, until Kerry (Laura Norton) passes by and sees her, and thus decides to spend some time with her.

As the former enemies chat, the frosty tension between them begins to somewhat thaw —until Charity arrives, that is, and things reach boiling point.

Back at home, Vanessa berates Charity for lashing out, and — upset by her fiancée’s behaviour — she decides to turns to Rhona (Zoe Henry) for support instead, and the pair then embark on a boozy night out.

During the night out, Vanessa bets a student that she can beat him at a game of pool — and Rhona is concerned.

Vanessa celebrates her victory, by ordering more and more drinks, but when a uni student insults her, a row subsequently breaks out — and it’s all caught on camera.

Charity sees the video circulating online, and she’s not pleased as a result.

Charity seeks solace in alcohol as the week progresses, but both she and Vanessa attempt to put their differences behind them — that is, until Vanessa asks a big question of Charity.


Charity doesn’t answer as Vanessa hoped she would, and therefore their rift remains unhealed.

Will the pair split up as a result?

Or will they be able to come through this?

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Spoilers: Kyle's parents' arrive in Hollyoaks as Corrie star joins soap

Kyle Kelly (Adam Rickitt) is going through an incredibly tough time in Hollyoaks, as he battles depression — something which he’s kept from everyone, including fiancé Nancy Osborne (Jessica Fox) — but his mum and dad arrive in the coming episodes, and it’s something that he’s not too pleased about.

Kyle has been by Darren’s (Ashley Taylor Dawson) side every step of the way, as the young man battles depression, but little does anyone know that Kyle is also struggling.

He’s done his utmost to keep his struggle from Nancy, who — in the coming episodes — becomes determined to meet his parents Mark (Chris Quinten) and Carole (Diana Weston).

However, Kyle’s not too keen on such a thing, and thus lies that they’re on holiday. Nancy doesn’t believe him, and therefore calls his mum herself.

Kyle’s displeased when Nancy surprises him the following day with his mum and dad, and the reasons as to why he didn’t want them coming to visit soon come to light as Nancy endures a mind-numbing conversation about motor ways.


Soap fans will undoubtedly recognise actor Chris from his stint in Corrie as Brian Tilsley — aka dad of Nick Tilsey, whom Adam Rickitt portrayed in the ’90s.

Speaking about joining Hollyoaks, Chris said last month: ‘I think Mark and Carole will really give viewers an insight into why Kyle became the man he is today, which has been a lot of fun to play and I’m looking forward to doing more.’

One to watch: Monday 13 April at 7pm on E4.

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Coronation Street spoilers: Geoff Metcalfe fakes his own death after Yasmeen leaves him

GEOFF Metcalfe fakes his own death next week in Coronation Street after his wife Yasmeen Nazir finally plucks up the courage to leave him.

The chef – who is played by actress Shelley King in the ITV soap – has been coercively controlled by bully Geoff for over a year. 

Corrie viewers have watch the bully isolate poor Yasmeen from her friends and family and slowly make her doubt her memories and judgements. 

Viewers were sickened when he cooked her pet chicken Charlotte and watched her swallow a few mouthfuls before revealing the bird’s identity. 

And the extent of Yasmeen’s manipulation became clear when she brushed off granddaughter Alya’s insistence that Geoff was abusing her. 

A desperate Alya then got in contact with a police officer who had dirt on Geoff, but Yasmeen refused to listen to anyone trying to smear Geoff’s character. 

Yasmeen then told Alya not to make her choose – because she wouldn’t like the consequences. 

In episodes of Coronation Street set to air next week, things appear to be looking up for Yasmeen as she finally picks up her suitcase and marches out of the flat. 

She finds her granddaughter and announces that she’s coming to the wedding – and that Alya was right about Geoff all along. 

But Yasmeen’s bubble is quickly burst when she sees messages from Geoff suggesting he might take his own life.

When she heads back to the house to investigate, she’s horrified to find a smashed photo frame and drops of blood. 

Geoff is nowhere to be seen – what has he done?

The Sun Online exclusively revealed earlier this month that Yasmeen is going to be charged with attempted murder after she finally plucks up the courage to leave her abuser.

Yasmeen will end up in court as she struggles to get people to believe Geoff has been abusing her for months.

The soap has worked with Women’s Aid on this storyline in order to raise awareness of coercive control. 

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Casualty review with spoilers: Archie exits and Ruby lets Harmony go

Dr Archie Hudson (Genesis Lynea) said goodbye to the ED in tonight’s Casualty, as she headed for a new job working alongside Eye Doctor Megan (Emily Woof) in Sudan. She’s had a rocky time of it during her year in the department, not least in her clashes with Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing). Since Connie returned from her extended break she’s had a new respect for Archie and has tried hard to make amends – so when Connie discovered that Archie had had a job offer, she tried to get her to stay by holding out the prospect of a consultant’s post to her.

There was a strong similarity with the situation when Elle left, in that Connie seems incapable of being able to admit to herself that she needs friends. Archie asked for her advice about whether to take the job in Sudan or not, and Connie immediately went on the defensive, which pushed Archie away and made the decision for her. And, as with Elle, Connie was left watching sadly as someone she could have been close to walked away.

Meanwhile, Ruby (Maddy Hill) was discovering that holding down a demanding job and looking after a demanding baby was not an easy task, particularly as she’s also been hit hard by the loss of her sister. Her mother Lavender (Sian Webber) had turned up to help, but Ruby and Lavender don’t share a particularly warm relationship so she wasn’t very much help at all.

Ruby decided to focus on work, but her main case of the day involved a woman who’d been adopted after being given up by her rather obnoxious racist mother. This provided ample opportunity for Ruby to get into conversations about parenting. The woman told her that she pitied Ruby’s daughter because of how judgemental Ruby can be.

When Ruby realised she’d forgotten to buy Harmony any nappy cream and had also missed several calls from the childminder, she realised that she couldn’t look after Harmony properly and work at the same time. Luckily for us she decided she was better at being a paramedic, so reluctantly gave Harmony to Lavender to look after.

Elsewhere, Marty (Shaheen Jafargholi) was trying Jade (Gabriella Leon)’s patience because of his repeated hangovers and absences. The final straw came when he went off with Dean (Tony Hirst), a friend of a patient, who was terminally ill.

Jade assumed that they’d slept together – which almost did happen – but they’d been having a heart-to-heart about Dean’s diagnosis and about Marty’s recent romantic problems. Dean advised Marty to tell Jade how he was feeling, but it was too late – she’d decided she was finished with covering up for him with Charlie and was tired of being used by him. Marty was left feeling even more isolated.

Sue Haasler is the author of five novels and the official BBC Holby City book, which you can read about here.

Casualty continues Saturday 14 March on BBC One.

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Casualty spoilers: Violette is under pressure in rehab

Tonight’s Casualty opens with a nasty nightmare. Ruby’s sister Violette (Kelly Gough) is in rehab, withdrawing from heroin, and having bad dreams that Ruby (Maddy Hill) is trying to take baby Harmony away. It’s clear that Violette is trying hard to get clean, but she admits to her support group that while she loves and admires her sister, she’s scared that Ruby will try to take Harmony away forever.

Ruby, meanwhile, is fed up of being repeatedly let down by her sister and is reluctant to go to a family counselling session with her. Reluctantly she eventually goes, but Ruby and Violette clash – and then Violette finds herself in a dangerous situation with another patient. When a stressed Violette is offered drugs, will she be able to resist the temptation for the sake of her baby?

Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) and Lev (Uriel Emil) are still struggling to come to terms with their son Luka’s brain tumour diagnosis. Faith is throwing herself into researching the condition and wants to attend a parents’ support group, believing that they need as much support and information as possible. Lev, however, prefers to try to cope with the situation on his own.

Dylan (William Beck) offers Faith his support – and then he has an idea and puts in a call to his old friend, neurosurgeon Zsa Zsa Harper-Jenkinson (Sharon Gless). Will she be able to hold out any hope to Luka’s desperate parents?

Ethan (George Rainsford) hasn’t been lucky in love recently, but his fortunes may be about to change when he meets an attractive woman at that most romantic spot, the vending machine.

And Archie (Genesis Lynea) is still considering her future and whether she’s ready to make a move. But someone seems desperate to keep her at Holby…

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Coronation Street spoilers: Yasmeen sobs after Geoff Metcalfe kills her pet chicken to eat

YASMEEN Nazir is left distraught after her abusive husband Geoff cooks her beloved Charlotte the chicken for dinner.

The long-suffering wife is left sobbing after the bully shouts at her for serving him vegetables.

Corrie fans will remember that Geoff played a cruel prank on Yasmeen last year when he pretended that he had served up her beloved pet chicken Charlotte Bronte for dinner.

He then laughed out loud when he revealed it was all a joke.

Since then, Geoff’s emotional abuse has escalated and left Yasmeen trapped at the centre of a dark coercive control storyline.

And it seems history may repeat itself as Geoff grows jealous of the time Yasmeen is spending with her chickens in an upcoming episode – but this time with more disastrous consequences for the chicken.

In the upcoming scenes, Alya confides in Yasmeen that working for Ray was the biggest mistake of her life and that she’d like to return to Speed Daal.

Yasmeen’s thrilled and Geoff pretends to be pleased.

But his true colours emerge when he snaps at Yasmeen and Alya for gossiping when they should be hard at work.

Alya is shocked and starts to suspect something is wrong with Geoff’s.

And when Yasmeen tells her how she’s twisted her back moving the sofa at home after Geoff insisted it needed to be cleaned underneath, Alya’s suspicions grow.

Later, as Yasmeen fusses around Charlotte the chicken, Alya tells her about a nasty online review and how Geoff enjoyed pointing the finger.

Geoff gets home and has a go at Yasmeen for not having his dinner on the table.

Yasmeen apologises and says she was busy with the chicken coop.

But Geoff doesn’t accept the excuse and he isn’t happy with the plate of vegetables that Yasmeen then serves him either.

But she explains she didn’t have enough money to buy meat with the cash he gave her to buy food.

What Geoff does next upsets Yasmeen to no end, and later Yasmeen cries as she feeds her chickens.

The spoiler pic above shows Geoff getting ready to carve a chicken – but is it Charlotte that he's cooked?

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EastEnders spoilers: Phil Mitchell threatens Karen Taylor to stop Keanu's revenge plan against his family

EASTENDERS’ Phil Mitchell threatens Karen Taylor in a bid to stop Keanu from exacting revenge on his family.

Fans have long been convinced that the young mechanic will return to Albert Square to get revenge on Phil for the BBC One soap’s explosive 35th anniversary episodes – and it seems they were right.

EastEnders fans won’t have forgotten that Keanu staged his death over Christmas to escape Phil and Ben Mitchell’s plot to have him murdered for his steamy affair with Sharon.

Ben blackmailed Martin Fowler to finish off Keanu, and the Mitchells were certain he was dead after seeing a video of him being shot.

But the bullet only hit his shoulder, and Keanu escaped to pastures new to start a new life away from the Mitchells.

However, viewers have since seen Keanu make a dramatic return to the Square, ringing Sharon's doorbell and begging her to move abroad with him.

The desperate mechanic is also set to seek revenge on the Mitchells – by targeting Ben’s boyfriend Callum.

In upcoming scenes, Phil takes matters into his own hands and starts his own revenge mission.

The bad boy mechanic sets off on his warpath against Keanu, stooping as low as threatening his mum Karen in order to find out where her son is.

Will Phil discover Keanu’s whereabouts and stop him ripping his family apart?

EastEnders has revealed that Phil, Ben and Keanu are set for an explosive showdown aboard the party boat that will see one major character die.

The shock death will occur during the soap’s explosive week of episodes to mark its 35th anniversary.

With actor Danny Walters permanently leaving the soap, will Keanu be the one to be murdered?


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Spoilers: James comes out to stunned dad Ed in Corrie

James Bailey has struggled with the idea of coming out to his dad Ed in Coronation Street, but after giving it some more thought in the coming episodes, the young lad ultimately decides to do just that, and thus he reveals that he’s gay.

James has been incredibly worried about coming out to dad Ed, and it’s been something that he’s struggled with for quite some time. However, things became somewhat complicated when Ed’s mate, Danny turned up on the cobbles, and it came to light that he had something of a past with James.

In the coming episodes, James reveals to Michael that he previously had a relationship with Danny, and — later he takes Danny back to the house and leads him upstairs. However, Ed returns home and is puzzled when he hears a thump from upstairs.

The following day, James musters up the courage and reveals to Ed over the breakfast table that he’s gay. Ed struggles to process the news, but he’s more hurt by the fact that both Michael and Aggie knew.

Later in the week, Ed is convinced that Danny has corrupted James.

Will Ed be able to come to terms with James’ revelation?

One to watch: Wednesday 22 January at 8:30pm on ITV.

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Spoilers: Gemma and Chesney learn baby Aled has profound hearing loss in Corrie

Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) and Chesney Brown (Sam Aston) have been struggling to adjust to their new normal in Coronation Street since the birth of their quads, but — with Freshco commitments proving to be incredibly stressful — there’s more heartache ahead in the coming episodes, as Gemma’s left heartbroken after she learns that baby Aled has profound hearing loss.

Caring for four new-born babies is something that Gemma and Chesney have struggled to cope with. Paul (Peter Ash), Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) and Rita (Barbara Knox) have offered support whenever they can, but the stress of balancing the Frescho’s contract has proven to be a great source of conflict for the new parents.

Desperate for the cash that comes with it, Gemma and Chesney have had to be at the beck and call of the supermarket chain — meaning that their own needs have come second to those of Frescho’s

This conflict of interest very much continues in the coming episodes, as Coronation Street has revealed that Gemma and Chesney’s Freshco commitments clash with baby Aled’s doctor’s appointment next week. What will they do?

Their decision has yet to be revealed, but after paying a visit to the doctors with baby Aled in tow, the audiologist confirms that Aled has profound hearing loss.

Afterwards, Chesney attempts to comfort Gemma, but it’s apparent that she’s heartbroken.

Coronation Street continues Monday 10 February at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV.

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