My partner never helps with housework and is always down the pub with mates – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY partner has a flat but more or less lives at my house.

He always eats here, yet he won’t lift a finger to help keep the place clean and won’t pay towards bills.

We’ve been together for three years.

He’s 61 and just works part-time.

I’m 58 and I’m still working full-time – though from home at present.

I could do with some help in the house.

He used to be off down the pub with his mates as much as he could be, and now he just sits watching TV if he’s not at work.

He’s divorced but is still friends with his ex.

I think he’d go back like a shot if she gave him the nod.

I can’t see there’s a future for us.

I’m thinking I might be better off being alone.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Trust your instincts.

He’s enjoying the spoils of a relationship but not putting the work in or thinking of you.

Tell him he either shows commitment and shoulders his share of the responsibilities or you will have to call it a day.

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Fuel Your Day With These Nutrition-Packed & Delicious Protein Bars for Women

One of the best ways to pack in an ample amount of protein without sitting down for an entire meal, is to have a trusty protein bar packed in your purse or daily bag. It’s important to look at the ingredients in the protein bar, though, as many protein bars for women contain high sugar and additives and not enough protein to keep you fueled during your busy day.

Luckily, there are more than enough options to choose from, so you’ll never have to get bored of eating the same protein bar over and over again. Whether you want to have them on hand for those hectic days where you just can’t find time to sit down, or you want to find a great pre or post workout snack to help prepare muscles or help them recover, you won’t have trouble finding an option that meets your needs. Below, we’ve rounded up the best protein bars for women that will help boost your daily nutrition and meet the specific nutritional needs of women in particular.

1. Truwomen Protein Bar

If you want to pack in protein into your day, but are vegan or gluten-free, you may think you have less options when it comes to protein bars for women, but you’re in luck! With these Truwomen plant-based protein bars, you can finally have it all. These decadent-tasting protein bars come in dessert-worthy flavors like donut, red velvet, and zesty lemon, so you can get your cravings satisfied in a way that meets your dietary needs. These bars are also gluten-free, non-GMO, non dairy, non soy, and has no sugars or alcohol.

2. Barology Energy Bar

These chocolate chip cookie dough protein bars for women will taste just like the real deal, but with the nutrition you need to get going and stay energized during your busy day. Packed with 16 grams of fiber and 12 grams of fiber, this bar boasts a ton of filling and healthy ingredients that will make you feel good during the day. These bars are also low in sugar, gluten-free, and loaded with prebiotics too for optimal health support.

3. Larabar

You can always count on a tasty Larabar to be one of the best protein bars for women. Not only do these trusted protein bars comes in lots of your favorite dessert flavors they also feature some of the best ingredients you can find, especially if you have any dietary needs. With only a few ingredients in these bars, you don’t have to worry about artificial ingredients or extras that you don’t need. They’re gluten-free, non-GMO, dairy-free and are made with fair trade ingredients.

4. Rise Whey Protein Bars

When those busy mornings don’t allow you to have a proper sit-down breakfast, reach for these Rise whey protein bars to keep you fueled for a busy morning until it’s time for lunch. These protein bars for women are artisanly crafted to create delicious flavors that are also good for you too. With only three ingredients, you’ll know exactly what’s inside these — and most importantly, all the things that aren’t inside. They also feature 20 grams of protein, so you can stay full and focused longer.


5. Power Crunch Energy Bar

While protein bars may have a high amount of protein, that doesn’t always mean your body will benefit directly from that protein. These Power Crunch bars are some of the best protein bars for women because they solved that problem. They’re made with protein that has high-DH, which means that they have a higher degree of Hydrolysis. In short, a higher DH means that there is more rapid and efficient absorption of protein, so your body gets the full protein it needs.

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Amy Childs romped with Celebs Go Dating contestant in a restaurant loo

AMY Childs romped with a date in a restaurant’s toilets whilst filming an episode of Celebs Go Dating.

The Towie star, 29, went off with Jamie during dinner with Made In Chelsea’s Olivia Bentley and her love interest.

An episode was aired on Monday evening and saw the pair make their excuses and leave midway through the meal.

They came back looking dishevelled and gave feeble excuses as to why they left.

But a source told The Sun: “They more than just kissed in the loos.

“They romped there as the pair couldn’t keep their hands off each other.


“Surely most viewers knew what was going on. They said it without saying it.”

They added: “The moment and emotion just got the better of them.”

The pair had flirted earlier in the date and the roofer joked about him fixing her “leak”.

Mum of two Amy said: “Me and Ja clicked really quickly.

“We have this chemistry…I really want to kiss you.”

She even went over to straddle and snog him.

He then said he was going to the toilet to which Amy quickly interjected: “I need to go to the toilet as well.”

A bewildered Liv exclaimed: “Are you both going?”

Her date, Dom, added: “I wonder what they’re getting up to.”

Amy and Jamie returned looking sweaty, to which Liv asked: “What have you been doing?”

Amy replied: “Nothing just went for a chat. We actually had a chat. I swear, we had a chat, didn’t we?

“We had a chat about, um…what did we have a chat about.”

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Casualty review with spoilers: Archie exits and Ruby lets Harmony go

Dr Archie Hudson (Genesis Lynea) said goodbye to the ED in tonight’s Casualty, as she headed for a new job working alongside Eye Doctor Megan (Emily Woof) in Sudan. She’s had a rocky time of it during her year in the department, not least in her clashes with Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing). Since Connie returned from her extended break she’s had a new respect for Archie and has tried hard to make amends – so when Connie discovered that Archie had had a job offer, she tried to get her to stay by holding out the prospect of a consultant’s post to her.

There was a strong similarity with the situation when Elle left, in that Connie seems incapable of being able to admit to herself that she needs friends. Archie asked for her advice about whether to take the job in Sudan or not, and Connie immediately went on the defensive, which pushed Archie away and made the decision for her. And, as with Elle, Connie was left watching sadly as someone she could have been close to walked away.

Meanwhile, Ruby (Maddy Hill) was discovering that holding down a demanding job and looking after a demanding baby was not an easy task, particularly as she’s also been hit hard by the loss of her sister. Her mother Lavender (Sian Webber) had turned up to help, but Ruby and Lavender don’t share a particularly warm relationship so she wasn’t very much help at all.

Ruby decided to focus on work, but her main case of the day involved a woman who’d been adopted after being given up by her rather obnoxious racist mother. This provided ample opportunity for Ruby to get into conversations about parenting. The woman told her that she pitied Ruby’s daughter because of how judgemental Ruby can be.

When Ruby realised she’d forgotten to buy Harmony any nappy cream and had also missed several calls from the childminder, she realised that she couldn’t look after Harmony properly and work at the same time. Luckily for us she decided she was better at being a paramedic, so reluctantly gave Harmony to Lavender to look after.

Elsewhere, Marty (Shaheen Jafargholi) was trying Jade (Gabriella Leon)’s patience because of his repeated hangovers and absences. The final straw came when he went off with Dean (Tony Hirst), a friend of a patient, who was terminally ill.

Jade assumed that they’d slept together – which almost did happen – but they’d been having a heart-to-heart about Dean’s diagnosis and about Marty’s recent romantic problems. Dean advised Marty to tell Jade how he was feeling, but it was too late – she’d decided she was finished with covering up for him with Charlie and was tired of being used by him. Marty was left feeling even more isolated.

Sue Haasler is the author of five novels and the official BBC Holby City book, which you can read about here.

Casualty continues Saturday 14 March on BBC One.

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PIC EXC: Rita Ora emerges with Joey Essex after 24 HOUR party session

PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: That’s one long party! Giggling Rita Ora emerges with a sheepish looking Joey Essex and a host of celebrity pals after 24 HOUR party session

  • The singer, 29, and the reality star, 29, began their night at TINGS magazine X Topman party at Laylow Members Club on Thursday evening
  • Rita hosted the impromptu all-night afterparty at her London pad, which continued until 5.15pm on Friday
  • The pair met through Rita’s friend Vas J Morgan, 31, the owner of TINGS, who used to appear on TOWIE with Joey

Rita Ora partied for 24 HOURS with Joey Essex and a host of celebrity friends. 

In photographs obtained exclusively by MailOnline, the giggling singer, 29, emerged with the sheepish looking TOWIE star, 29, at her property in London at 5.15pm on Friday, following a 24 HOUR party session which began at TINGS magazine party on Thursday night.

The pair met through Rita’s friend Vas J Morgan, 31, the owner of TINGS, who used to appear on TOWIE with Joey. 

EXCLUSIVE! Giggling Rita Ora, 29, emerged with the TOWIE star, 29, at her property in London at 5.15pm on Friday, following a 24 HOUR party session (Pictured with Vas J Morgan)

While Rita had changed her outfit, Joey and the rest of the group were wearing the same clothes from the night before. 

The superstar singer stepped out in skin-tight leggings and a coordinating crop top, while adding a splash of colour with a yellow The North Face jacket.

Covering up somewhat, she wore a New York Knicks baseball cap and shielded her eyes with oversized black shades.

Completing her sports luxe attire, Rita further accessorised with multiple gold chain necklaces and chunky drop earrings. 

One long party! Joey – who met through Rita’s friend Vas J Morgan, 31, the owner of TINGS – looked sheepish as he left her London pad on Friday, along with the singer and a group of pals

Stop outs! While Rita had changed her outfit, Joey and the rest of the group were wearing the same clothes from the night before

Fun times: Rita appeared to be in good spirits, laughing loudly as she headed out of her pad with her arm wrapped around BFF Vas J Morgan

REEM! Rita partied all night long with Joey Essex and a host of celebrity friends following the TINGS magazine party, on Thursday night 

Party time! The TOWIE star joined the singer at her property in London quite late in the evening for the star-studded afterparty, after meeting through Vas J Morgan

She’s got style: Rita supported Vas J Morgan TINGS Magazine X Topman on Thursday evening at the Laylow Members Club with Joey Essex who wore a distinctive Louis Vuitton T-shirt

Rita appeared to be in good spirits, laughing loudly as she headed out of her pad with her arm wrapped around BFF Vas J Morgan.

In social media pictures shared to Vas’ Instagram stories, Joey – who is in a relationship with Mexican model Lorena Medina, 27 – could be seen sticking his tongue out playfully while posing with his pal during the all night party. 

Earlier in the evening, Rita had been pictured supporting Vas’ TINGS Magazine X Topman dinner at the Laylow Members Club.    

Sports luxe: The superstar singer stepped out in skin-tight leggings and a coordinating crop top, while adding a splash of colour with a yellow The North Face jacket

Afterparty! Joey sipped on a beverage as he spent the night at Rita’s star-studded afterparty

The next afternoon: While Rita had changed her outfit, Joey and the rest of the group were wearing the same clothes from the night before

Spotted! Joey Essex was still wearing his distinctive Louis Vuitton on Friday afternoon

Not so chirpy? As he strolled away from Rita’s after a night of partying with the superstar and their pals, Joey’s demeanour changed dramatically

Fun night? Rita couldn’t wipe the smile off her face as she strolled along with her BFF and the group of friends – including Joey – following behind her

Looking pleased: Joey looked very pleased with himself as he strolled along the street

As well as a special night for Vas, it was also his business partner Justin Campbell’s birthday party, so when the event at Laylow came to a close earlier than hoped for, the celebs looked for another venue to continue their evening of partying.

Rita was kind enough to host the impromptu afterparty, inviting the likes of Brookyln Beckham, Liam Payne and Emma Weymouth to party at her London pad late into the night.  

On Thursday night, Rita looked every inch the fashionista as she teased a hint of her toned abs in a knitted purple tartan vest, which she teamed with low-sling black chinos. 

Last ones standing: Joey and a few others partied until the following afternoon

Oh what a night: Rita led the way as her pals exited her London home after a night of partying

There she goes: Rita showcased her washboard abs as she stepped out with Vas

Sheepish: Joey looked sheepish as he made his exit from the allnighter

Emerging! Almost 24 hours after their night began, the group emerged from Rita’s home

Where to? The group clambered into a vehicle to head elsewhere at 5.15pm

None-stop party: It appeared that Rita and her pals didn’t want the fun to end

Shrugging a zebra print leather jacket over her shoulders, Rita layered a collection of gold and silver necklaces atop of the plaid top, which featured green striped design underneath the bust. 

The Anywhere hitmaker opted for comfort on her feet with black loafers and white socks and amped up the glamour with sparkly silver earrings. 

Rita styled her blonde locks into a 70s inspired bouffant and finished off her look with bright blue eye-shadow. 

The singer took to her Instagram to give her followers an insight into the afterparty, as she showed off a huge bottle of tequila while sitting opposite Joey Essex. 

What’s on your mind, Joey? At one point, Joey seemed to be deep in contemplation

Don’t stop the party: Determined to carry on the party, the group ventured out at 5.15pm

Follow the leader: Joey and a small group followed Rita’s lead to an awaiting vehicle

Fun with friends: Joey chatted to one pal who’d also enjoyed spending the night at Rita’s

Fun times: In social media pictures shared to Vas’s Instagram stories, Joey could be seen sticking his tongue out playfully while posing with his pal.

Inside the afterparty: Rita took to her Instagram to give her followers an insight into the bash, as she showed off a huge bottle of tequila while sitting opposite Joey Essex

Clashing prints: The singer teased a hint of her toned abs in a knitted purple tartan vest and a zebra print leather jacket, which she shrugged over her shoulders 

Joey is thought to have been dating model Lorena for nearly a year, after they were first pictured putting on a cosy display in May 2019. 

They are believed to have first got together while filming MTV’s Ex On The Beach, but confirmed their relationship in October as they shared a romantic kiss during a dinner date at Chigwell’s Sheesh Restaurant. 

In a recent interview on Loose Women, the hunk labelled the beauty ‘reem’ and confessed that things were ‘going good’ despite their long-distance romance.  

Loved up: In January, Joey Essex made his red carpet debut with new girlfriend Lorena Medina, 27, at the NTAs in London

Stunning: Rita opted for comfort on her feet with black loafers and white socks and amped up the glamour with sparkly silver earrings (pictured with Justin Campbell)

Unusual pairing: Joey posed up with pop superstar Liam at the TINGS magazine bash 

Sweet: Rita supported her pal and TOWIE star Vas who is the founder of TINGS Magazine

Sophisticated lady: Emma Weymouth attended the bash and looked the picture of elegance in a silk polka dot dress 

Close: Brooklyn Beckham, 21, and Nicola Peltz, 25, proved they are happier than ever as they put on a loved-up display at the Tings magazine dinner

Loved-up: The aspiring photographer could barely keep his hands off his stylish lady at the magazine cover celebration presented by Topman

He enthused: ‘It’s early days still. We met about two months ago and it’s all going good. We met in Spain.

‘She’s actually from Mexico but she lives in LA. It’s long distance. She flies back (to the UK) and I go there sometimes.’  

Rita’s all-night afterparty comes after reports that she and Rafferty Law, 23, have recently drifted apart.  

They began dating in December while working together on the Oliver Twist remake Twist, later going public at the British Fashion Awards. 

A source told The Sun: ‘They grew close while they were both working in London.  

Style: Brooklyn dressed to impress for the evening, donning a suave black blazer, worn with a crisp white T-shirt and black trousers (pictured Ting magazine co-founder Justin Campbell)

Racy look: And Nicola dared to bare as she showcased a hint of her black lace bra beneath her blazer

Besotted: The pair also featured on social media where a love-struck Brooklyn happily planted a kiss on his lady’s cheek

Happy couple: The duo looked more loved up than ever as they posed for snaps before enjoying a dance together on the dance floor

Sweet: Liam Payne, 26, and girlfriend Maya Henry, 19, looked smitten as they cosied up to each other while enjoying Tings Magazine bash in London on Thursday

Stronger than ever: The happy couple looked smitten as they spent some quality time together, after they brushed off rumours they had parted ways

Glamorous: Maya put on a stylish display in a bright pink sleeveless dress, which had a plunging neckline to show off a hint of cleavage

‘Although they were just taking each day as it came and weren’t in a rush to label anything or move too quickly.

‘But Rita has spent so long out of the country now and they’re not talking as much as they were, let alone doing the things couples do when they’re together.’

The insider added: ‘Things are on ice until they’re back in the same country. They might pick up again then, but at the moment they are more like friends.’ 

Adorable: Liam and Maya held hands as they smiled at one another and laughed

Posers: Emma and Liam pulled their best poses for a joint photograph

Reunited: Emma reunited with Idris Elba’s wife Sabrina at the party

All white! Model Neelam Gill stunned in an all white trouser suit

Boys’ night: Bobby Braizer attended the party with model pal Cesar Perin

Stunning: Rita’s sister Elena looked sublime in a black bustier and sleek blazer

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Woman swapped drinks with a man she suspected of spiking hers

Woman reveals how she swapped drinks with a stranger she suspected of spiking her during a night out – and later found him passed out in a puddle

  • Lily Powles, from Grimsby, was out when a stranger kept ‘robbing’ her drink
  • Said she noticed him put something into the drink when he brought it back  
  • She swapped their glasses when he went to the toilet and he later passed out 
  • Shocked social media users when she recounted the ordeal on Twitter 

A woman has revealed how she swapped drinks with a stranger she suspected of trying to spike her – before later finding him passed out in a puddle.

Lily Powles, from Grimsby in Lincolnshire, was on a night out when she says the man kept ‘robbing’ her drink before she noticed him appear to slip something into her glass.

She claimed she swapped their drinks over when he went to the toilet, and later found him passed out in a puddle outside.

After Lily shared the story on Twitter social media users were in uproar, with many horrified by the frightening tale.  

Lily Powles (pictured), from Grimsby in Lincolnshire, has revealed how she swapped drinks with a man she feared had slipped something into her drink – and later found him passed out 

Posting the story online, she tweeted: ‘The same lad robbed my drink twice last night, and put something in my glass when he bought me one back. 

‘I swapped our glasses when he went to the toilet and later found him laid flat out in a wet puddle,’ she added.

‘Thanks for taking one for the team whoever you are, rather you than me hun x’ 

While some accused her of making up the story, and commenting that it was ‘lies’, others quickly defended Lily online.   

Lily (pictured) noticed a man appear to slip something into her glass, and when she swapped their drinks he lost consciousness

She tweeted the story of what happened when she swapped their drinks and later found him passed out in a puddle

The Twitter thread erupted with users sticking up for Lily, and sharing their own experiences with date rape drugs – which are designed to knock someone unconscious even if they haven’t been drinking alcohol. 

One wrote: ‘Why is it all men saying it didn’t happen? Are they that protective of potential rapists?’

Another added: ‘Woman manages to turn the tables on an actual thief/potential rapist = guys on Twitter: “Didn’t happen though”.’ 

One penned: ‘So many men here who don’t believe this because they’re lucky enough not to live this as reality on a regular basis.

The Twitter thread erupted with users sticking up for Lily, and sharing their own experiences with date rape drugs – which are designed to knock someone unconscious

 ‘I wish they could experience a night out as a girl! Glad you are safe x’

Another wrote: ‘To all the men saying ‘never happened’, my MALE partner has had his drink roofied at a nightclub before. 

‘Trust me, that s**t happens. It happens to women much more often than men, so you should listen when women tell you that.’

Another’s friend was left with lasting injuries when the bar’s security thought they were drunk.

‘Happened to a friend of mine in a gay bar. Staff were terrible as they assumed he was drunk and chucked him on the street,’ they wrote. 

What is Rohypnol and what are the effects of taking the drug?

Rohypnol — also known as roofies, date me drug or forget-me-not pill — is a powerful sedative that will depress the central nervous system when consumed. 

The drug is not legally available in the United States as a prescription, but it is typically abused by teens and young adults who illegally purchase it for clubs, bars or parties. 

It has been nicknamed the ‘date rape drug’ because of its abilities to disorient and incapacitate someone without their knowledge, allowing for a person to take advantage of the victim. 

Rohypnol comes as a white tablet that will dissolve in any drink — emitting no taste, color or odor to notify someone it is in the drink. 

Users will experience symptoms about 30 minutes after consuming the drug. These symptoms can last for up to 12 hours depending on the dose. 

Symptoms include loss of memory, dizziness, slowed breathing, disorientation, nausea, difficulty with motor movements and speaking. These symptoms are heightened if the drug is mixed with alcohol.   

Other drugs that produce similar effects to that of Rohypnol include GHB and Ketamine. 


They added: ‘Luckily someone he knew found him and got him home but he had a concussion from falling over and wasn’t right for months.’

Another said: ‘Men in here acting like this is outlandish while women are like ‘yeah this is pretty everyday stuff we deal with’ is sooo f****** telling.’

One wrote: ‘Something is hella wrong with some of the male population on Twitter acting like this doesn’t happen in real life.’   

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Stray Staffie with a glorious smile finds her forever home

When stray Staffordshire bull terriers arrive at shelters, they often take a while to rehome.

That’s thanks to a bad reputation of the breed being scary or dangerous.

But this wasn’t the case for Sybil, who managed to find a forever home within days of arriving at a rescue charity, thanks to her brilliant smile.

Sybil, who was previously called Lily, was taken into All Dogs Matter in north London last week after being captured by a dog warden.

When someone at the shelter shared a photo of Sybil on Twitter, she quickly won hundreds of fans for her glorious grin. Soon the shelter had been inundated with messages from people sharing their love for the pup.

By the weekend she had found a forever home with Frankie Murphy, from Hertfordshire.

‘We saw her lovely little smile and couldn’t resist,’ said Frankie, 18.

‘Even though we knew she had a lot of interest from the Twitter post, we got in contact with the charity in hopes that she was still available.

‘When we went to visit her, we fell in love with her straight away.

‘We were sitting there in the waiting room, and she walked in with her foster owner, and she was just so excited to see us.’

Frankie and her family took a few days to make sure Sybil was right for them, then took her home exactly one year after their previous dog passed away.

She’s settled into her new home quickly – and she won’t stop smiling.

The family have created an Instagram just for Sybil so her fans can see how she’s doing.

Frankie said: ‘She’s so good, she follows my Dad around like a little shadow, and she doesn’t bark at all.

‘My neighbours didn’t even know we had a new dog because she’s been so quiet.

‘She is so intelligent too, she has managed to open our back door. She’s not tall enough to reach the handle but she can push it with her nose and open it.

‘I think at the moment everything on Twitter is a bit negative at the moment, so everyone just got so happy that there was a nice positive story on a Monday morning.

‘That is just what everyone needed . They all adored her for her funny little smile, and that’s what I fell in love with.’

Overwhelmed by the support that the charity received online, the charity hope sthat Sybil’s newfound fame will encourage others to consider adopting rescue dogs in the future.

Laura Hedges, deputy manager at All Dogs Matter, said: ‘Most of the time, sadly, we get lots of Staffies come in and they don’t get half of the number of people applying for them as [Sybil] did.

‘It just shows the power of how a photo can say a thousand words.

‘We have many dogs coming in that are just as lovely as [Sybil], so if you are thinking of getting a dog then always think about rescuing one first because there are so many dogs up and down the country looking for good homes.’

Do you have a story to share? Get in touch by emailing

Share your views in the comments section below.

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Having fun with fatherhood

There’s no mistaking that voice. Low, smooth, unhurried. Bill Callahan possesses one of the most distinctive voices in modern music. On the phone, he is as he has been on 19 albums to date – 13 as Smog, then six under his own name – deep, deliberate, considered.

The challenge, however, with speaking to the 53-year-old Texan on the phone is trying to detect whether he’s finished answering a question, or if he’s lingering in one of his famously lengthy pauses to consider a further response. At least he does phone interviews these days; early on in his career the retiring artist would only do interviews via fax.

Bill Callahan returns to Australia next month with his band for a national tour.Credit:Hanly Banks Callahan

Callahan is returning to Australia to play a run of theatre and festival shows. He was last here in 2017, playing Vivid Festival in Sydney and Howler in Melbourne. At Howler, he played several shows across a few days, doing two shows a day. He won’t be doing that again.

“It was an experiment that I tried in London and New York and in Australia. Turned out I didn’t really like it,” he laughs drolly. “It was two shows a night and exhausting and confusing to me, ‘cause it’s like you don’t wanna give it everything you’ve got on the first show, but also you don’t want to hold back too much. You know, it’s just … I prefer like one show a night and that’s where all my energy goes. I did enjoy it for just an experimental thing, but I probably wouldn’t do it again.”

Callahan’s most recent album, the widely acclaimed 2019’s Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest, will likely feature heavily on his tour here next month; he will be touring with most of the musicians he recorded the album with – long-time touring guitarist Matt Kinsey, stand-up bassist Brian Beattie and drummer Adam Jones.

Also, the songs are drawn deeply from the newest chapter of his life. And life is good. So good that this album took an uncharacteristically long time to appear.

"I didn’t want to be gone for five years and then deliver just eight or nine songs.

After a string of romances with other artists, including Chan Marshall (Cat Power) and Joanna Newsom, in 2014 Callahan married documentarian Hanly Banks, after meeting her when she made his 2012 tour documentary Apocalypse (named after the 2011 album he was touring at the time). They became engaged the following year, married in 2014 and in 2015 welcomed the arrival of their son, Bass.

Callahan’s output had been steady up until then, releasing an album at least every other year until 2014’s Have Fun With God. Although he still toured, the albums stopped coming for five years, until last year’s release of Shepherd. However, he made up for lost time by making it a double album – his first – which he hadn’t envisioned initially.

“At first it was just going to be a record just about marriage and children, kind of very focused, all taking place in a house,” he says. “Then I started to think about all the other people who don’t know what that’s like, so I decided to expand to broader horizons, put more perspectives on there. And also it made sense because it had been so long; I didn’t want to be gone for five years and then deliver just eight or nine songs.”

Callahan almost didn’t return to music at all; he thought about quitting to be a full-time dad.

What pulled him back towards it, I ask, expecting some well thought-out inward-looking philosophical dissertation?

“My wife said ‘no way’,” he replies flatly. “She knew I would be very unpleasant to live with if I wasn’t creating something … umm … yeah. She’s probably right,” he chuckles.

In the end, Callahan says he was “anxious” to get back into the studio, though he wouldn’t call it an entirely enjoyable process after his long absence. “It was different … usually I make a record in about 10 days or so, but this was four months I think, kind of going in every day 10 to 6,” he says. “It was like having a job after a while; I started to resent it towards the end … I just wanted it to be over.”

If Callahan didn’t enjoy the process, it certainly doesn’t show. For an artist who previously has been more preoccupied with death – “dress sexy at my funeral, my good wife”, he sang as Smog on 2000’s Dongs of Sevotion album – he is now much more happily living in the now. Shepherd positively froths with domestic bliss; a nursery appears, renovations begin, a towel is fetched before late-night period sex. “I got married/to my wife/ she’s lovely/and I had a son/bowm bowm.”

That son will turn five while Callahan is in Australia. He’ll be sad to miss Bass’ birthday.

“I just kind of didn’t give a f— about kids until I had one,” he says. “Now I just love kids in general, they’re really interesting.”

Bill Callahan plays on March 4 at Hamer Hall in Melbourne; March 5 at the State Theatre in Sydney; March 6 at the Tivoli in Brisbane; March 7 at Golden Plains in Meredith, Victoria; and March 8 at Womadelaide in Adelaide.

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Nail the Vintage Vibe With This Distressed Jean Jacket — Under $42!

Everyone has a different sense of style, right? There are people that live for the preppy look, others that seem to exclusively rock business casual duds and there are true boho-chic devotees, who always look effortlessly cool. If you just so happen to fall into the latter category (or want to dip your toes into the trendy pond), we’ve found a closet essential that’s calling out to be a part of your spring wardrobe.

We’re talking about the classic distressed denim jacket. It’s the perfect lightweight piece to wear on milder days, and it has just the right amount of edge. There’s no reason to shell out the big bucks either — just look at this one that we found at Amazon! This jacket won’t cost you more than $50, which is an amazing steal.

Get the Floerns Women’s Ripped Distressed Denim Jacket for prices starting at just $31, available on Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, February 18, 2020, but are subject to change.

This denim jacket has everything that’s on our spring style Pinterest boards. It’s distressed without looking like it’s totally shredded, has the most comfortable silhouette and comes in a variety of color options. There are a number of classic blue shades to choose from, a muted pink and bright purple combo, a neutral grey and two different black tones.

This jacket is meant to fit oversized and loose, and the hem hits well past the hip area. It has two button flap pockets on the chest and two slip pockets on the bottom of it. This is a true denim jacket that has no stretch to it and is made of 100% cotton. It’s ranked as one of the top 10 denim jackets on Amazon, so you know that the fan love is real!

Get the Floerns Women’s Ripped Distressed Denim Jacket for prices starting at just $31, available at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, February 18, 2020, but are subject to change.

Shoppers describe this jacket as “feminine with enough edge to it” to make it adaptable to anyone’s style. It can transition easily from season to season — from early spring into summer, and even the first days of fall as well! It does run larger, so if you’re looking for a more fitted look, you might want to order a size or two down. Floerns does provide a sizing guide so you can make the right purchase, and we definitely recommend taking advantage of it!

See it: Get the Floerns Women’s Ripped Distressed Denim Jacket for prices starting at just $31, available at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, February 18, 2020, but are subject to change.

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