At Home With The Furys praised for very real depiction of mental health struggles

Film and TV critics have praised Netflix's latest reality show At Home With The Furys, which follows the day-to-day life of Tyson Fury, wife Paris, and their six children, following his retirement from boxing.

Viewers of the series have praised the depiction of Tyson's mental health struggles, with the boxer having been diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2017.

He has also struggled with suicidal thoughts and turned to alcohol and cocaine following his previous retirement in 2015, before later making his return to the sport.

Ahead of the show landing on Netflix, Paris told OK!: "I think it’s good for people to see and understand this is how we roll with Tyson and his mental health issues.

"It can help someone. There are no holds-barred, you can see everything. It’s raw and real in our home life."

Tyson also told us that "as tough as I am, I can be brought down to my knees by mental health on a daily basis" and hopes that his brave chat will "save a life one day."

And while critics may have been divided on the show itself, many have praised the depiction of these struggles.

Writing for The Times, Carol Midgley praised the show for the way it flips "between light and dark" and that none of the Furys appear to take themselves to seriously, while adding: "But at the same time there is a serious point: Tyson's mental health."

And Telegraph's Anita Singh, wrote: "There are flashes of something deeper when Paris talks about her husband's mental health.

"The series doesn't shy away from his mood swings and sometimes erratic behaviour – Paris refers to him as 'a giant 6 foot 9 child' – but the show prefers to keep things light."

And it's not just critics who have been praising the docu-series's depiction of mental health, fans have also taken to social media to share their thoughts on the show.

One wrote: "Honestly the last thing I expected to be binging was #AtHomeWithTheFurys but it’s a raw look into not only @Tyson_Fury the man but his family too and honestly mad respect to him for being so open and visible about his struggles."

"This #AtHomeWithTheFurys doc is class. Opens eyes on just how much Tyson has struggled with his mental health and a reminder that no matter how successful you are, sometimes your brain just never surrenders." added another.

While a third penned: "@Tyson_Fury really hits home when he talks about the struggle of mental health 'You can check out but you can never leave'. Setting goals, exercising daily & having a purpose helped me stay strong too [flexed muscle emoji] Massive respect for the honesty & openness. #AtHomeWithTheFurys"

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