BBC Radio 2 newsreader Clare Runacres's glam heels

BBC Radio 2 newsreader Clare Runacres wins fans after revealing the VERY stylish heels she dons to present bulletins

  • BBC news presenter Clare Runacres is winning fans with her stylish footwear 
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The advent of social media has made radio presenters’ wardrobes a little more glamorous, it seems. 

BBC Radio 2 news favourite Clare Runacres has delighted fans across her platforms in recent months by sharing photos of some of the chic footwear she dons to read out the nation’s news bulletins. 

Brodacast journalist Runacres, whose unique delivery of her own name when presenting the news has won her legions of fans, has been updating her Instagram and Twitter accounts highlighting her many heels this summer – with the latest pair prompting one fan to quip: ‘Good lord Madam, have I stumbled across some sort of new BBC fetish site?’

Using the hashtag #shoesbehindthenews, Runacres shares images of the shoes she wears in the studio at Wogan House, with today’s choice being a ‘lethal’ pair of stilettoes in black suede.

Radio 2’s own Imelda Marcos? News presenter Clare Runacres regularly shares images of the shoes she wears at Wogan House – often glamorous heels – with fans on social media

This morning, Runacres, captioned the image: ‘Today’s – love this pair, the mixture of the spike metal heel, the black suede and open back ticks lots of boxes for me. Smart and comfortable!’

The shot shows the heels perched on her desk next to a BBC microphone. 

The news presenter, who often reads the frequent bulletins on Zoe Ball’s Breakfast Show, has also shared snaps of gold and silver heels, as well as more comfy looking attire including navy sandals and a pair of high-top sneakers. 

The images show off some of the technical wizardry inside Wogan House’s broadcasting studio, with multiple mic sockets featuring in one where she’s wearing shiny silver sandals.

Runacres, known for her unique delivery of her own name when introducing bulletins, regularly shares updates on what she’s wearing on her feet using the hashtag #shoesbehindthenews

Faux snakeskin gold heels have also made an appearance in the news studio

Captioning the snap, she told fans: ‘Life can feel like an uphill struggle sometimes but, call me shallow, some shiny shoes and bright nails can lift the spirits.’

The presenter’s footwear has sparked many a complement on social media, with one saying: ‘Beautiful heels and gorgeous feet!’, while another penned: ‘cool shoes’.

Another suggested the heels were a little racy for the broadcaster, writing: ‘We didn’t have any of this sort of thing in John Snagge’s day (though we only saw pictures of him from the waist upwards, so who knows?)’.

Sandals and mic sockets: An image shared by Runacres in the summer, she told fans: ‘Call me shallow, some shiny shoes and bright nails can lift the spirits’

A more casual look: the broadcast journalist also shares photos of her more low-key looks, including sneakers and comfy-looking sandals

Meanwhile, Runacres’ colleague Zoe Ball revealed earlier this month that she’s long since left behind her partying days, preferring quiet nights at home watching Gardeners’ World.

The 52-year-old who present Radio 2’s breakfast show hit the headlines in the 90s for her wild antics and was branded a ‘ladette’ alongside other female celebs including Sara Cox, 48.

She told The Mirror how she now pops into parties only briefly before heading home to put her feet up.

‘I do the French exit now. I go early. Everyone sees you, and you get to see your friends. Then I do a ‘Woohoo’ and they don’t ever remember you weren’t there for a bit.

Adding: ‘I am back in bed with some crumpets and watching Gardeners’ World by 10 most nights’.

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