‘BBC The Traitors changed my life – I murdered friends and despite guilt I’d do it again’

When the Traitors first hit our screens in 2022, viewers were captivated by the series as they watched a battle unfold to become the winner of the show between the Traitors and the Faithfuls.

Now, the last remaining Traitor, Wilfred Webster, 28, has revealed in an exclusive interview with OK! that although he murdered his close friends on the show and found it tough at times, he'd go on the series again.

“I got close to people and murdered the people who were closest to me. When I was genuinely upset the next day it was out of guilt but people would think it was because they were my friends. I didn't have to try and fake any emotions, it was genuine because I'd feel guilty.

“At times it was really difficult and I really struggled. I remember when I came out people asked if I’d do it again and I said no because it was so hard mentally and physically. But now I look back at it and I think I'd 100% do it again."

Wilf's revealed that going on the Traitors changed his life and that he's really glad that he decided to go on the show.

“It was one of the best things I’ve ever done and one of the craziest experiences I’ve ever had."

The star told us that he suspected from the start that he would be picked as a Traitor by the show because they knew how competitive he was.

He added: “I think they picked me as a traitor because you could see my struggles and massive battles with myself. You can see this journey of me struggling with my own mind."

Wilf admitted that the game was intense: “There's no escape and you're consumed in this game, it feels like you’re inside a game. It’s the weirdest experience I’ve ever had in my life.

“It got harder and harder every single day, I had a massive poster in my room which said 'It's just a game'. I looked at that in the mirror every day”.

Despite facing challenges on the show, Wilf was still able to have some fun and banter with the rest of the cast.

“One day I fell asleep on someone’s shoulder and Hannah said ‘look he’s been up all night murdering, he can relax! Me and Hannah had fun, we screamed and laughed all the time on the show and chatted rubbish."

Looking back on the series, Wilf is happy with how everything unfolded and wouldn't change his experience for the world.

“There’s nothing I would have done differently but I’m so glad I didn’t win because it would have been hard to have a career afterwards."

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