Coronation Streets Sally Metcalfe: I fainted when I learnt I had breast cancer

The star, 60, said that she thought her doctor must have ­confused her with TV character Sally Metcalfe.

It happened on the same day the actress filmed a scene where the character revealed her diagnosis to her husband.

Dynevor, who has been a fixture on the ITV soap since 1986, revealed reading the scripts inspired her to check herself for lumps.

She told BBC Breakfast: “There was a particular day in 2009 when I was reading the scripts, and I suddenly had a gap. And I thought ‘I’m just going to go and see our nurse and see what she thinks’, because I felt something very, very tiny.”

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She added: “When [the doctor] told me, ‘You have breast cancer’, I fainted. Then I said, ‘I think you’re getting me mixed up with my character’.”

The actress, who recovered following chemotherapy, is now fronting a campaign by Prevent Breast Cancer to improve resources to train the next generation of cancer-screening staff.

She said: “When I got breast cancer, I was 46. And I thought that you didn’t get breast ­cancer at 46, it was for an older person.

“But yesterday I met a young girl who was 22 when she got diagnosed. So this is really important.”

She added: “You never think that’s going to happen to you. When somebody tells you that news and it comes really out of the blue, it’s shocking.”

Sally, who is the mum of Bridgerton and Fair Play star Phoebe, as well as Harriet and Samuel, said: “I have two daughters.”

She insisted: “I don’t want my daughters to go through what I’ve been through so what Prevent is doing is really important.”

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