Drake Drops New 'Polar Opposites' Video

Drake recently released a new video for “Polar Opposites,” a track from his latest album For All the Dogs.

The four-minute visual shows Drake and his friends, wearing matching red jackets featuring the national and ethnic symbol of Albania, drinking, smoking, and playing poker games and billiards.

“Bipolar baby, seems like it just went undiagnosed/Blocked me on everything, that’s so immature, so unprovoked/ I don’t even know why,” sings Drake, lamenting about a lover who doesn’t allow him to make contact.

In the track’s second verse, he sings, “Had plans to understand ya/ Mariana, you broke my faith/ Why you gotta listen to the propaganda?/ We just broke the ice, and now you’re both leaving/ I was being kind, I don’t understand ya/ You should let your sister be the voice of reason/ Either it’s your text that I’m misreading/ Or it’s just your actions are misleading.”

The “Polar Opposites” video follows the release of “Scary Hours 3,” an extended deluxe release that added six new songs to For All the Dogs‘ 23-song track list.

(Photo: The Come Up Show; CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia)

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