Elvis Presley’s three cosmetic surgeries unveiled by close family member

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Celebrities are well known for going under the knife, but did you know that Elvis Presley had some work done?

The King may have been naturally handsome but that didn’t stop him from having a couple of touch-ups.

And now his cousin Danny Smith, who grew up at Graceland, has shared the details on his YouTube channel Memphis Mafia Kid.

He sais: “In 1956, Elvis had some moles that he didn’t like on his hand, wrist area and he had those removed.

“In 1957, he had the flare trimmed down in his nose and in 1975 he had cosmetic surgery.”

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Danny continued: “Basically a facelift and some things done to his face when Linda Thompson stayed with him at the hospital.

“And also my mom and dad stayed at the hospital with him. So I thought I’d share, those three true facts.”

His father was Billy Smith, Elvis’ cousin who knew the singer before he was famous, and he has spoken out on the procedures previously.

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The last surviving original Memphis Mafia member said of The King’s facelifts: “He thought it made him look better and that he needed it. Elvis always tried to improve his looks.”

On the first facelift in 1957, Billy said: “To me, it wasn’t a facelift. Elvis did not like the flare in his nose at that time, how wide it was. So he decided to have it trimmed down and that’s what they did…which made him look…god! I don’t know how you can look any better, but he did.”

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