Emmerdale exit ‘sealed’ for fan favourite as viewers beg ‘what has she got left’

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    Emmerdale fans are sure Chloe Harris is set to exit the ITV soap as they’ve begged “what has she got left?” in the village.

    During Monday’s episode (October 23), Chloe revealed to her half-sister Amy that she remembers everything about what happened the day of the car crash that almost killed her. After being in a coma for several days, Chloe returned to the village with Mackenzie Boyd at her side.

    But soon she was telling the truth – that Mack had decided to save his ex Charity Dingle instead of her as the car dangled off the cliff. Sure that she would die, she begged Mack to tell their son Reuben that she loved him.

    While Amy was furious at the reveal, Chloe begged her not to go mad at Mack, telling her: “He still loves me.” But fans aren’t so sure – and they think Chloe is set to leave the Dales behind for good, with Reuben at her side.

    Taking to X – formerly known as Twitter – one fan said: “Chloe remembers everything, I think she’s going to leave with the baby.” Someone else agreed: “Can Mack just get back with Charity and then Chloe can leave?”

    As a third fan echoed: “What's actually left for Chloe in Emmerdale though? She's got to go… take Reuben with her unless Charity fancies looking after him.” Another said: “I think Chloe remembers it all and will leave Mack, taking Reuben with her.”

    Other fans are simply baffled how Chloe recovered so well after the crash, with one penning: "Considering Chloe literally rolled a car which then fell off a cliff, with her in it tumbling around like a ragdoll, should she not have been a little bit more injured/brain damaged?"

    Someone else said: "Remarkable recovery for Chloe who fell off a cliff in a car with no seatbelt on, it's taken the fear of falling off a cliff away." While a third added: "Chloe was close to knocking on heaven's door just over a week ago, now hobbling around the village with nary a scratch? We know the NHS is good, but that good?!"

    It comes as other fans were praying Chloe had a trick or two up her sleeve, finally enacting revenge on Mackenzie after he admitted to cheating on her with Charity. Some even think it could end with Mack being killed off at Christmas.

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    One social media user suggested: "If all this doesn't end with Chloe finally ending Mack, then what even is the point?" Another said: "I thought Chloe was all about taking revenge and not holding onto desperate hope that Mack still loves her."

    Later in the episode, Amy announced she was moving in to look after her sister, despite her protests. She's determined to break the couple up, with Amy telling her: "You need to have it out with him. And the sooner you do it, the better."

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