Emmerdale fans ‘rumble’ identity of Reuben’s ‘real father’ – and it’s not Mack

As Chloe Harris and boyfriend Mackenzie Boyd prepare to have their young son Reuben christened in the coming days, fans at home have all being saying the same thing about the truth behind the youngster’s parentage.

The happy couple first got together earlier this year, when Mack walked out on his new bride Charity Dingle to play happy families with Chloe and newborn son Reuben – an infant she had always claimed was his baby.

The story on paper did seem to make sense for Mack, as he and Chloe had previously enjoyed a one night fling together following an argument with Charity – with the dates roughly adding up.

However, Chloe was also seen getting amorous with several other Emmerdale residents in the same time period, something fans at home are adamant means that baby Reuben may not be Mackenzie’s flesh and blood after all.

Predicting the surprising plot twist, several fans are convinced the true identity of Reuben’s father will be revealed in Super Soap Week later this Autumn.

Taking to social media to share their thoughts, one fan wrote: "Charity is not a girl to be messed with. Still don't think Macs the father. Why hasn't anyone done a DNA test”.

"Chloe has been annoying me for ages, why doesn’t Mack get a DNA test, pretty sure the baby isn’t his. She is very dodgy," added a second.

Another agreed: "If I was Mack I’d get a secret DNA test on that baby. He could sweating his balls off for nothing!!”

But if the baby isn’t Mackenzie’s child, then which villager could have fathered the adorable youngster?

With several options on the table, one fan was able to narrow it down to which characters Chloe had shared a spark with around the time she hooked up with Mack, with several possibilities including Noah Dingle, Jacob Gallagher, and even Nate Robinson among the possible candidates.

They wrote: "I'm still not convinced Reuben's Mackenzie's. Chloe clapped cheeks with Noah, week later Jacob, week later Nate, then Mackenzie!”

Although no details have yet been released about what fans can expect at this year’s super soap week in October, Charity Dingle star Emma Atkins did recently tease that she would be at the heart of the action as part of the love triangle.

"I'm very excited! Some super soap weeks I don't manage to be part of, which is just the way it goes," she toldDigital Spy .

"So to be at the centre and for it to be quite a big storm brewing – not literally a storm, we've done that! I just know that it's going to be spectacular in one way or another and we're due to get the scripts shortly, but it's going to be quite big.”

Emma then continued: "I think the future will very much be about her confronting those issues [the love triangle], because it's left her quite broken.

"At the moment she's too broken to deal with anything, but she's just letting people know it's in her arsenal, it's there, it's not going away, it's not dying down She was hoping very much for it to do that and it's not, it's got worse."

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