Fan fury as Netflix cancels hit show after just two seasons

Netflix fans left enraged as two popular shows are axed: ‘No one speak to me ever again’

Fans are furious after a hit Netflix show was axed after just two seasons. 

The streaming goliath has decided to pull the plug on Shadow and Bone as well as its spin-off Six of Crows – even though the scripts are ready to go.

The young adult fiction novel written by Leigh Bardugo was a smash when it first hit Netflix in 2021.

After months of actors’ and writers’ strikes, streaming companies are assessing their output, with Netflix also cutting Glamorous, Agent Elvis, Farzar, and Captain Fall.

The author of young adult novels Shadow and Bones and Six of Crows, took to Instagram yesterday to share the devastating news with her 650,000 followers.

Netflix adaptations of fantasy novels Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows have just been axed

Author Leigh Bardugo is ‘heartbroken and deeply disappointed’ but stressed: ‘Most authors never get to see their work adapted’

Leigh said: ‘Friends, by now you’ve probably heard that there will be no season 3 for Shadow and Bone and no Six of Crows spinoff.

‘The news hit me hard. I’m heartbroken and deeply disappointed, but I’m also trying to hold onto my very real gratitude. 

‘Most authors never get to see their work adapted. Many who do end up regretting the experience. I’m one of the lucky few who can look at an adaptation with pride and tremendous joy.’

The fantasy novelist made sure to thank her ‘writers, crew, and extraordinary cast who are not just wildly talented, but genuinely good people’.  

While devastated, the author signed off her post with ‘no mourners’, although she said ‘I’m going to go have a cry, and maybe a drink, and then see where the story takes us next’.

Fans have been left devastated by the news, with many taking to X, formerly known as Twitter to voice their dismay.

‘Netflix cancelled Shadow and Bone, I am cancelling my life. [The] universe is testing me so hard right now. I need Six of Crows,’ wrote one fan.

Another chimed in: ‘Shadow and Bone cancelled…No one speak to me ever again.’

A third commented: ‘Shadow and Bone getting cancelled when we were about to get the Six of Crows is so sick OMG.’ 

One bemused fan quipped: ‘I lost Lockwood & Co and now I’m losing Shadow & Bone? I’m going to riot.’

Shadow and Bone took elements from Leigh’s core trilogy of the same name, as well as her Six of Crows duology.

It is set in the Grisha universe which includes the nations of Ravka, Fjerda, Shu Han, Kerch, Novyi Zem, and the Wandering Isle. They all take languages and traditions from countries of the real world.

Leigh Bardugo (pictured) said:  ‘The news hit me hard. I’m heartbroken and deeply disappointed, but I’m also trying to hold onto my very real gratitude’

Fans were distraught to hear the popular Netflix show had been axed along with any other potential spin-offs

The cast includes Brighton-born Jessie Mei Li as Alina Starkov, an orphan who discovers she has the rare ability to control light. 

Londoner Archie Renaux played Malyen Oretsev, an orphan tracker who was also Alina’s childhood best friend and love interest.

Shadow and Bone’s season 2 finale was released on March 16 of this year after the show debuted on April 23, 2021.

This will unexpectedly be the last episode, leaving fans with a wild cliffhanger.

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