Five People Shot and Injured at Morgan State University

An annual homecoming event at Morgan State University was marred by violence Tuesday after five people were shot and injured on campus — and at least one gunman is still at large.

The bullets started flying in the evening after the crowning of Mister and Miss Morgan State, which happens every year at the historic Black college in Baltimore, Maryland, around this time.

Baltimore PD said officers were patrolling the grounds when they suddenly heard a burst of gunfire as attendees of the event were emptying out of an auditorium at the Murphy Arts Center to go to a coronation ball in another building nearby.

Cops warned there was an active shooter loose around the arts center and one of the dormitories — and issued an order for everyone to shelter in place.

Moments later, officers responding to that area stumbled upon the shooting victims — four men and one woman between the ages of 18 and 22.

The victims, four of whom were students, were rushed to a local hospital, where they were treated for non life-threatening injuries.

A SWAT team searched high and low for the gunman but came up empty-handed, as police officials noted there could be more than one assailant still on the run.

Cops also determined there was no longer an active shooter on campus and lifted the shelter in place order by early Wednesday morning.

The university canceled all classes today.

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