Groom Blasts Fiancée For CHEATING ON HIM In Wild Engagement Party Speech!

Guests in attendance of a wealthy Italian banker’s engagement party were in for WAY more than they bargained for after he made some pretty shocking claims about his bride-to-be’s fidelity.

In a now-viral clip circulating around the web, Massimo Segre put his fiancée on blast during what should have been a romantic speech about their love during a celebration in Turin, Italy — but actually turned out to be an lengthy, accusational monologue. The 64-year-old accused his blushing bride-to-be Cristina Seymandi of cheating, both sexually and emotionally, with MULTIPLE other people during their relationship. Whoa!

He explained in his speech, which has been translated by multiple outlets:

“I want to give Cristina the freedom to love. Specifically, to love another person; a notable lawyer, who she clearly cares about more than me. Dear Cristina, I know how much you are in love with him mentally and sexually. And I know that before him you had a relationship with an industrialist acquaintance.”

Daaaaaamn. Despite the public display, Massimo claimed to take no pleasure in accusing the 47-year-old of affairs. He continued:

“Don’t think it pleases me to look like a cuckold in front of all of you. Cristina is so good at telling her truths, that I couldn’t leave her alone to narrate the reason why I’m ending life together tonight. It’s a banal story of infidelity, even premarital. I am so disappointed. I am heartbroken.”

Damn! He wanted everyone to KNOW!

The millionaire then concluded by wishing Cristina well and urging her and her alleged lover to go on a trip to Mykonos — which was seemingly planned for the formerly engaged couple — before exiting the stage, leaving the 150 guests floored. Watch the full clip (below):


Since the debacle, a guest in attendance has shared footage of the speech online, which quickly spread, leaving Cristina to become the subject of DEATH threats! She shared in a letter to the Zona Bianca TV news program that her ex-fiancé had “meticulously planned his revenge” while carrying out the act of “psychological violence.”

We mean… obviously, right?

Cristina has since solicited the help of legal expert Claudio Strata, who told The Times they may seek legal action for “reputational damage.” Cristina is apparently a successful businesswoman and former politician. Claudia stated:

“She has suffered very serious attacks on social media and threats from Italian citizens. It has been traumatic.”

She added that Massimo “intentionally humiliated her,” noting:

“The letter was read out in front of dozens of people and it was captured in a video that was sent to the newspapers. We don’t think this was improvised.”

Massimo has since denied any responsibility for internet activity, maintaining he did not publish the video online and didn’t allow filming at the event. However, he has since accused Cristina of withdrawing $760,000 from one of his bank accounts, according to The Post — but she says it was “consensually transferred” while they were still together.

Boy, what a s**t show!! What are YOUR thoughts, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF in the comments down below!

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