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LUCY Beale's death was recently revisited after her mother Cindy rocked up Albert Square for the first time in 25 years.

But how did the late EastEnders character die? Who was responsible? Here's your reminder.

Who was Lucy Beale in EastEnders?

Despite claims she had died behind bars after giving birth to another daughter, Cindy Beale (portrayed by Michelle Collins) came back to Walford in scenes recently aired on BBC One.

Upon her return, she immediately visited her daughter Lucy's grave before searching for Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth).

Born on December 9, 1993, Lucy Katherine Beale was the daughter of Cindy and Ian Beale as well as the sister of Steven, Peter and Bobby.

As of 2023, it's been revealed she has three other siblings – Cindy Williams Jr., Gina Knight and Anna Knight.

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Lucy was very close to her twin brother Peter but, as the years passed by, she became more rebellious.

Due to her mother's presumed prison death, Lucy remained with her father Ian, her twin Peter and her half-brother Bobby.

After getting involved with teen bad boy Craig Dixon and a brief relationship with Jay Brown, Lucy left Walford in 2010 to focus on her studies.

She returned to Albert Square in 2012 but seemed to have more of a villainous streak.

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Lucy embarked on multiple flings with Joey and Max Branning and struggled to focus on her goals as she became caught up in a life of partying and drugs.

Her life was cut short as she died at the age of 20 in April, 2014.

How did Lucy Beale die in EastEnders?

At the time of her death, Lucy Beale (then played by Hetti Bywater) was desperately trying to make amends with everybody she had wronged in Albert Square.

Her relationship with her father Ian was also strained although she was keen on making it all up to him.

Ian was trying to get a hold of Lucy when she seemingly went missing and left her several messages in the hopes of hearing back from her.

Sadly, her body was discovered on Walford Common on April 21, 2014, leaving many residents devastated.

It was later revealed that Lucy had been the victim of blunt force trauma to her head, implying that somebody had murdered her.

But Lucy had angered many people in Walford, from Whitney Dean due to her fling with Lee Carter to her own twin brother Peter Beale who could have been jealous of her being the child Ian was most proud of.


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Who killed Lucy Beale in EastEnders?

The suspects' list was long but, eventually, Max Branning was the first to be in the firing line.

Max and Lucy had embarked on an affair, despite their age gap and her friendship with his daughter, Lauren.

For months, the identity of Lucy Beale's killer remained a mystery, until February, 2015.

As part of EastEnders' 30th anniversary, Lucy's eleven-year-old half-brother Bobby Beale was revealed to have killed her.

On the night of her death, Lucy had tried to get Bobby to go back to sleep but he became angry and, believing she was mean to him, he picked up a jewellery box in which she stored her drugs, and struck her over the head.

Bobby's adoptive mother Jane Beale took the blame for his actions but Ian quickly realised she wasn't telling the truth.

Jane came clean, stating she had found Lucy's body in the family home and convinced Bobby he was not responsible before disposing of her body in Walford Common.

The Beales, with the exception of a disgusted Peter (who then emigrated to New Zealand) agreed to keep it all a secret but things came to a head when Ben Mitchell and Max Branning were both arrested on suspicion of murder.

To make matters worse, Bobby's violent behaviour was spiralling out of control as Jane and Ian continued to sweep it all under the rug.

Jane's excuses no longer worked and, in May, 2016, after she'd been pushed down the stairs by the young boy, she was attacked with a hockey stick and left unconscious.

A shocked Bobby headed to the Queen Vic and confessed in front of everyone he had killed both Jane and Lucy.

Although Jane survived, this got the ball rolling as Bobby confessed to both harming her and unlawfully killing Lucy.

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He was sentenced to prison for three years and came back to Walford in 2019.

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