I hate Halloween – trick-or-treating gives children mixed messages

I hate Halloween – it’s an imported American gimmick and trick-or-treating gives children mixed messages about stranger danger

  • Rae Radford, 61, from Kent, thinks Halloween is a ‘waste of money’ 
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A self-proclaimed Halloween Grinch claims that she hates the spooky season more than anybody else. 

Rae Radford, a 61-year-old social media influencer from Kent, has branded Halloween celebrations as a ‘complete waste of time and money’.

She told MailOnline: ‘It puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on families in these already tough financial times. It’s another stress but for what reason?’

On top of school trips which can already cost a fortune, Rae feels that parents who compete for clout during Halloween to the detriment of their children.  

She said: ‘It becomes a fashion show where kids compete with each other and wonder “Who wore the best shoes?”, which is especially harmful when the cost-of-living crisis is considered’. 

Rae Radford, a 61-year-old social media influencer from Kent, has branded Halloween celebrations as a ‘complete waste of time and money’

Rae explained why she thinks Halloween warrants less celebration than Christmas, although research found that spending on the horror season has more than doubled in the last 10 years.  

She said: ‘At least with Christmas you’re actually celebrating something. Halloween is an American import’.

Describing the festival as a gimmick, she said Halloween serves as ‘a financial gain for companies that produce themed items, but it’s just a stress for the rest of us’. 

The parent spoke of how the scariness that is the essence of the festival can cause more harm than good.

‘My daughter-in-law remembers watching Scream when she was just 8 and she couldn’t sleep without a light on for years after! People forget that there’s a knock on effect with these things’.

Rae said that Halloween is a waste of money and puts extra pressure on parents who may already be struggling in the cost of living crisis 

Rae, who is also a writer also spoke of the futility of the obligatory pumpkins that are part of the celebrations and then end up in the bin. 

The mother-of-two joked: ‘No one likes pumpkins anyway, what can you make with it? Pumpkin soup is awful’.

Another gripe the grandmother stressed was issues around stranger danger: ‘The main problem is we teach our children not to talk to strangers all year round, but for one day we tell them to ignore this. It gives them mixed messages’.

However, much to Rae’s pleasure, there’s a handy tradition in her Kent village that indicates whether or not trick-or-treaters are welcome at somebody’s house.

‘So if you’ve got a pumpkin outside your house, it means that knocks are welcome – and if you don’t, no one will disturb you’. 

But Rae’s house may confuse some trick-or-treaters because her partner, a Halloween fanatic, keeps treats outside their porch.

She joked: ‘My partner loves Halloween – he leaves loads of sweets outside entrance, but it’s an absolute no from me – I’m pulling the blinds down!’ 

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