Injury lawyer reveals three kids he would NEVER buy

Injury lawyer reveals three kids toys he would NEVER buy and you should avoid this Christmas

  • Tom Bosworth from Philadelphia, issued a warning to those buying toys this year
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A catastrophic injury and death lawyer from the US, who ‘deals with some of the worst stuff on a daily basis’ has revealed the three toys he would never buy for children.

Tom Bosworth from Philadelipha, who goes by Tommy the Lawyer on TikTok, often shares legal tips and advice to his 210,000 followers.

In a recent video, he talked about how he ‘knows people are out there doing their holiday shopping’ so wanted to issue a warning.

He shared the three kids toys that he would ‘absolutely never use or buy, under any circumstance’.

The clip has been seen by a huge  5.1 million people in less than a week, with viewers talking about their own experiences in the comments – read on to find out what the lawyer advises you avoid.

A catastrophic injury and death lawyer from the US, who ‘deals with some of the worst stuff on a daily basis’ has revealed the three toys he would never buy for children

Water beads 

He shared that the number one toy he would never buy for his children would be water beads.

Earlier this year a Wisconsin mother called for water beads to be banned as bath toys following the tragic death of her 10-month-old daughter when she accidentally ate one without her parents’ knowledge.

The lawyer said: ‘A common brand name for these is Orbeez. They’re these really really tiny plastic beads and the problem with them is that they expand exponentially when they’re put in water.

‘They’re supposed to be used for kids to get tactile strength and learn texture and colours and stuff.

‘But there have been reports that multiple kids even just swallowing or ingesting one of these has caused intestinal obstructions, blockages and resulted in multiple deaths of children.’

Orbeez have been approached for comment. 

Toys with button batteries 

Tommy continued: ‘Number two would be any toy with button batteries.’

Making a penny size with his fingers, he warned, ‘If you’ve ever seen those little tiny batteries that are about this big and round and circular, they’re in lots of different toys.

Tom Bosworth from Philadelphia, who goes by Tommy the Lawyer on TikTok , often shares legal tips and advice to his 210,000 followers

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‘Those things are crazy dangerous because what happens is if a child swallows them by accident, they got lodged in their esophagus or in their wind pipe’.

He explained: ‘Due to the chemical mixture within the batteries, these button batteries specifically, they can erode the esophagus and burn a hole through the child’s airpipe or esophagus in a matter of seconds or minutes’.  

Incline sleeper devices 

Finally, the American lawyer warns against any incline sleeper devices. 

He tells viewers: These are things that are often sold in stores. They’re anything that’s marketed that your baby can sleep in, that’s not a completely flat angle – anything at an incline.

‘Luckily there have been recalls of these in recent years, but some of the companies have gotten creative and they don’t market them as incline sleeper devices anymore, they call them bouncer or whatever else.

‘The bottom line is baby should always be sleeping flat on their back like this and not at an incline’.

One commenter agreed: ‘As an infant teacher, incline bouncers are nice to have, but they are NOT for sleeping under any circumstances’.

Another shocked user revealed: ‘Crazy that both my kids slept in an inclined sleeper as babies. I had no idea!’

Someone else asked, ‘Can anyone explain why incline sleeping is bad if they are buckled in? I know some babies hate lying flat so just curious,’ to which other commenters replied, ‘positional asphyxiation’ and ‘their heads can lean forward causing their airway to block’.

One furious mother chimed in with: ‘Orbeez NEED TO BE REMOVED FROM THE SHELVES!!’

Someone else questioned, ‘Who thought orbeez was a good idea?!? It’s caused so much harm’

Others penned: ‘I was taught only with button batteries if they are literally screwed in, so you need tools to change them’ and ‘Button batteries are one of my biggest fears as a mom of five’. 

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