ITV Coronation Street confirms truth behind Joseph’s illness as doctors make discovery

Coronation Street fans learned what was wrong with Joseph Brown on Friday night, leading to a worrying discovery for his dad Chesney Brown (played by Sam Aston).

Chesney's wife Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) was convinced something was very wrong with her stepson, after he complained of a headache. After an initial visit to A&E on Wednesday, Gemma was panicked when Joseph said he still felt unwell in the latest episode.

Realising Joseph had been complaining of head pain for a number of days, she feared he might be sick and raced him back up to the hospital.

Despite Chesney telling her his son was likely fine and him urging her to let him go to school, Gemma went behind his back.

She soon had Joseph checked over with Chesney joining them at the hospital. The doctor asked to speak to the youngster alone and the truth behind his apparent ill health was revealed.

Doctors suggested there was nothing wrong with the 12 year old, adding he likely only had a cold. Gemma wasn't sure though and couldn't believe they were discharging him.

The doctor then asked to speak alone with Chesney while Gemma took Joseph to get some chocolate. Chesney was told by the doctor that the trip to A&E was a waste of time and insisted Joseph didn't need urgent care.

They went on to suggest Gemma might be overreacting due to her own personal struggles as her twin brother was diagnosed with motor neurone disease, and on Friday he learned he had between six and 12 months to live.

Her brother's illness has weighed heavily on Gemma, and the doctor appeared to question whether this was behind her panicking so much about Joseph's symptoms.

The doctor told Chesney that Gemma had wasted their time and tried to encourage him to speak with his wife, not wanting to see them return to the hospital again.

Chesney seemed embarrassed as he realised Gemma had taken his son there for no reason. Will Gemma open up about what she's going through, and will she find support in her loved ones?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1 and ITV X.

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