ITV Coronation Street makes epic blunder after fans spot massive prop error

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    Coronation Street made an epic blunder on Monday’s episode of the ITV soap (December 18) after a photograph of an old character was shown on screen – during a scene with the star’s replacement.

    Gail Platt was seen trying to enjoy some family time with Shona, David, Max, and Lily as they all bickered about the existence of Stephen’s journal. But as the scene progressed, eagle-eyed fans spotted a prop behind Gail that showed a previous actor who played Max appear in a picture frame in their house.

    The snap showed actor Harry McDermott, who played Max Turner between August 2010 and December 2020, before being replaced by Paddy Bever. Clearly, the props department didn’t get the memo, as the photo of the Max actor Harry still sits prominently on the windowsill at the Platt Household.

    “They haven't bothered changing the photos to the new Max,” said one fan. Another penned: “OMG you'd think they'd change this if it's a new actor ridiculous,” while a third added: “Well spotted!”

    Elsewhere, Kenny and Carla had failed to persuade Audrey to hand over Stephen’s journal. Daisy told Jenny not to give up as she deserved a cut of that money for what she went through and she could buy the Rovers back.

    Daisy called at the bistro and, spotting all the Platts’ coats hanging up, stole David’s keys and herself into No.8. She searched frantically for the journal but was forced to run upstairs when Audrey arrived back. She eventually got her hands on the journal after Audrey admitted she had thrown it away after trying to move on from his death.

    Having rifled through a series of clues, she eventually figured out his password and was able to log into his laptop and find the missing money. Peter read a letter from the hospital and surreptitiously shoved it in his pocket.

    When Peter admitted to Tim that he couldn’t stop obsessing over Stephen’s death, Tim reckoned he needed a distraction and had an idea. In the hot tub at No.4, Tim advised Peter to forget thoughts of Stephen and focus on the good things in his life.

    Peter reckoned it was easier said than done. Peter confided in Tim that he was worried his relationship with Carla had run its course as these days she was totally preoccupied with the factory. Tim urged him not to give up. Carla returned home with a date night supper for two and suggested they watch a film.

    Peter was pleased until Carla got a call telling her the factory alarm was going off and headed back out.

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