Jacob Tremblay Earns $2,500 Per Recording Session For 'Orion and the Dark'

Jacob Tremblay is rolling in the DreamWorks dough … earning a sweet paycheck for lending his voice to an upcoming animated movie.

According to Jacob’s minor’s contract — filed in court and obtained by TMZ — the 17-year-old actor was paid $25,000 for 10 original recording sessions for his starring role in “Orion and the Dark.”

Jacob’s playing the title character, Orion, in the DreamWorks production … which is coming out in February only on Netflix.

His contract also calls for him to be paid $2,500 for any additional dialogue sessions … which include pickups, looping, post-synching and rehearsals.

The flick appears to be going straight to Netflix, but there are additional $25K bonuses built in for each week the movie appears on various Netflix top 10 lists.

Jacob’s scored some big movie paydays over the years … as we first told you, he also earned $100,000 for a gig in the ‘Shining’ sequel and $900,000 for a starring role in “Good Boys.”

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