Kim and Kourtney Kardashian called sex line aged 15 and arranged to meet men

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Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian’s pranking history was put on blast in the new episode of The Kardashians – uncovering a sex line they used to prank men at the age of 15. 

The eldest siblings of the Kardashian clan may be on the outs at the moment with an ongoing feud with the reasons proving to be “crazy”, but they were brought back together briefly to reminisce about their teen years and troublesome antics. 

In the newest episode of their Hulu reality show, Khloe takes a trip down memory lane at Century City Mall, where she and her sisters used to spend time as kids. 

While she’s now there to help launch her Good American store, Khloe throws her sisters under the bus by revealing they would use the mall for a series of pranks. 

“This mall has been around for years,” she said. “You should ask Kourtney and Kim, they used to call 1-900 numbers and ask gentlemen to meet them here.”

When confronted about it by producers, Kim laughed as she explained: “We would talk to these guys. We would be like 15. 

“Then they would be like ‘okay, yeah, meet me at blockbuster, or the mall’ and we’d see the poor guy, and we’d stand him up and we’d take a Polaroid and we have a book of Polaroids of these guys, that we would stand up at the mall.” 

She then calls up sister Kourtney, who is able to recall the number they would use from memory – and Kim can’t resist phoning it up. 

While the show beeps out the number apart from its 213 area code, it turns out that over 20 years later it’s still active – with a sultry recorded message from a woman on the line declaring: “This is [bleeped] where naughty is nice. Your live chat starts now.” 

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Pretending to be a woman named “Samantha”, Kim puts on a deep and raunchy voice as she tries to make small talk with a man on the line, who calls himself Chris. 

However, she very quickly breaks and can’t do it, hanging up the phone before bursting into fits of laughter. 

“I got to save this number on my phone,” she tells cameras. 

The prank memory serves as a little moment of healing for the warring sisters, who last week were seen screaming at each other and hurling insults down the phone. 

While Kourtney branded Kim a “narcissistic witch”, Kim hit back and claimed that Kourtney’s friends had a group chat exclusively to talk about her. 

Things got so heated that Kourtney refused to join the family for a break away in Cabo, and appeared to hint she was done with the series as she “doesn’t need them anymore”. 

Kourt was also mostly absent for the entire second episode, except this one phone call with the star focusing on her pregnancy. 

The Kardashians continues Thursdays on Hulu.

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