Kroy Biermann Must Give Up His Rolls-Royce in BMW Repo Case

Kroy Biermann

Kroy Biermann‘s failure to respond to a repo case filed against him has finally reached its breaking point — ’cause a judge just ruled he’s gotta fork over his Rolls-Royce.

According to new court docs, obtained by TMZ, the former NFLer had a default judgment entered against him over the luxury car … which he’d been leasing since 2020. BMW alleged he’d recently ghosted them on payments … and filed a lawsuit so it could repossess the sweet ride.

Now, after months of no reply from Kroy … a judge has signed off in favor of BMW, ordering Kroy to surrender possession of the Rolls stat.

In the judge’s order, KB is instructed to hand over the vehicle to law enforcement in Fulton County where he lives so BMW can reclaim it.

It’s unclear what Kroy’s gonna do … considering he hasn’t uttered a peep in his defense in this case — something tells us a tow truck might be pulling up to his crib in the near future … and haul the car away.

Remember, BMW claimed Kroy had agreed to a 3-year lease with them — from 2020 to 2023 — and would pay $5,297.64/month … for a total of $190k. However, the company alleged he’d stopped paying altogether — with them saying the last sign of dough arrived in Sept. 2022.

Kroy’s attorney spoke to us when this suit was first filed … and the response was very much, it is what it is. Kroy acknowledges he’s in dire financial straits right now amid his ongoing divorce with Kim Zolciak — and it sounds like he’s got bigger fish to fry besides a Rolls.

Their fancy house, for example, comes to mind … with the bank moving towards foreclosure and Kim/Kroy trying to sell it off first in hopes of recouping some cash to handle the rest of their affairs.

With everything else going on in Kroy’s life at the moment, he can afford to lose the Rolls.


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