Mollie Kings fiancé confesses his feelings have changed after birth of daughter

Stuart Broad, the fiancé of singer Mollie King, confessed that his feelings changed after the birth of his daughter.

The former Saturdays star Mollie gave birth to their first child in late November 2022.

Sharing some snaps of herself, partner Stuart Broad and their daughter, Mollie announced the birth on Instagram writing: "Welcome to the world Annabella Broad. We have never been so in love".

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Stuart has since revealed that that his feelings had changed after Annabella was born.

He said that becoming a father has given him "the ultimate contentment."

The former England cricketer commented: "No offence, Mollie, but it’s a feeling I’ve never had; a love like no other. When I first held her, nothing else mattered and it was really cool."

The 37-year-old added that welcoming his daughter made him appreciate life more, including his own parents and the rare time he gets to spend alone.

Stuart said: "Being a dad makes me wish I’d appreciated my own parents a bit more and thanked them."

Speaking about venturing out without Annabella, he added: "You appreciate everything more, even going on the tube."

The former nominee for Sports Personality Of The Year, also gushed that both the girls in his life, Mollie and Annabella, played a part in him retiring from cricket.

Previously speaking about juggling fatherhood with sport, he said: "I’ve never been at home seven days a week for three months in a row."

Stuart added: "Mollie and Annabella played a decent role in my decision to stop playing cricket,

"I don’t want to be away for weeks at a time now."

The happy couple, who got engaged on 1 January 2021, both shared the same snap to their Instagram Stuart writing: "Mollie & I are thrilled to be expecting a baby at the end of the year! Exciting times ahead!"

The proposal came after they were first romantically linked back in March 2018.

When retiring earlier this year, Mollie shared a photo of her fiancé in his cricket gear, saying how proud she is of him.

The star wrote: “What a moment @stuartbroad – your last test! My darling, you’ve brought joy to so many cricketing fans all over the world, and especially to your family.

“We have loved every single minute of cheering you on and we’re so incredibly proud of you. Watching you live out your dream has been something I will never forget.

“Annabella and I will be cheering you and the team on today, as always. We love you so much.”

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