‘My hyper-masculine friend is giving his son a name that makes me worry’

The friend expressed concerns about the potential impact on the child’s future well-being. Despite their efforts, they have struggled to make any headway in dissuading their friend from naming the baby boy Diesel.

Turning to Reddit for assistance, the friend shared their predicament, writing: “My friend is expecting a baby boy and insists on naming him ‘Diesel’. How can I change his mind?”

They went on: “He believes that a name can shape a child’s destiny and that giving his son a tough name will make him resilient.”

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The concerned friend said: “He is a hypermasculine individual and extremely stubborn, making it difficult for me to sway his decision. Perhaps I shouldn’t be so invested, but I genuinely worry about the child’s future well-being.”

In response, a Reddit user argued that the father’s parenting style will have a more significant impact on the child than their name.

They suggested: “The father’s parenting will leave a lasting impression, while the name itself won’t have as much influence. You could propose the idea of giving the son an additional second or third name to ensure his identity is unique and provide flexibility if he wants to switch up his primary name.”

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Coming to the defense of the dad-to-be, the concerned friend replied: “He’s actually a good person, and I’m not overly concerned about his parenting abilities. When it comes down to it, he is empathetic and caring. However, your suggestion of a second name is valuable. I’ll give it a try.”

Another Reddit user offered some consolation, humorously remarking: “Considering the trend of unusual names these days, poor little Unleaded won’t stand out too much.”

Meanwhile, another individual suggested a playful solution, proposing: “Perhaps you could get a dog and name it Diesel before the baby is born.”

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