Natasha Hamilton back in bikini two weeks after giving birth: Not bad for a geriatric mum

Natasha Hamilton joked she was 'not bad for a geriatric mum' as she got back into her bikini, just two weeks after giving birth.

The Real Housewives of Cheshire star welcomed her fifth child into the world in mid-August, and she looked happy and content as she soaked up the warm weather on Sunday.

She joked: "I put my bikini on this morning and thought…not bad for a geriatric mum! I just keep telling myself how incredible the journey has been so far and this post baby stage is not one to be rushed at all.

"And it’s actually nice to be out of maternity underwear, even if it is only for a few hours!"

The 41 year old took to her Instagram stories to share a snap of herself relaxing on some cushions as she appeared to go makeup-free with a huge pair of black sunglasses covering her eyes.

The sunshine had clearly given her a boost, although she admitted to feeling "exhausted" due to breastfeeding her new baby girl, Kitty Iris.

Over the top of the photo, which was posted to her Instagram stories, Natasha wrote: "I can't believe it! 25 degrees today," with some raised hand emojis.

She continued: "Just enjoying a little vitamin D before Kitty needs the boobs again (smile face).

"Slightly exhausted today with lots of cluster feeding again but I LOVE the fact she's taken to breastfeeding so well and is getting bigger by the day."

Former Atomic Kitten star Natasha then shared a video of her gorgeous little girl sleeping in her bassinet, before the camera panned to the garden, bathed in sunshine, which featured a comfy-looking day bed – perfect for catching some rays.

She also shared a lengthy update about how she's taken to the past few weeks with her little girl.

In one snap she could be seen wearing a pretty dress as she breastfed the newborn, whilst the second snap showed little Kitty snoozing away.

In the caption, Natasha wrote: "So yesterday was our first day out in the sun since Kitty was born and it felt so nice to be able to put her in a little summer dress and get out & about (although nothing fits her still!) this is definitely the beginning and end of summer all in 1 week! Crazy really, and just as the kids go back to school, so typical!"

She went on to say that she feels "uneasy" going out with Kitty alone at the moment because Kitty is "quite vocal" and "clingy".

Natasha then informed her followers that "breastfeeding is going well" before saying she was "feeling it" after Kitty did some "mammoth feeds".

She talked about how her dog, Lola, is being very protective of Kitty, and "slept at the foot of her cot for the first week or so".

In August, she announced the birth of her beautiful baby girl as she shared a black-and-white picture of her husband Charles Gay carrying their newborn out of hospital.

She captioned the post: "I cannot put in to words how we feel right now. Our family is complete."

Confirming her daughter's gorgeous name, she wrote: "Kitty Iris Gay – 14/08/23. We couldn’t be any happier. Welcome to the world baby girl."

Kitty is Natasha's first child with Charles, as she has four other children from previous relationships, Josh, 20, Harry, 18, Alfie, 12, and eight year old Ella.

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