Next week’s soap spoilers – Emmerdale’s horror car smash and EastEnders drug shock

Whatever Gets You Through the Night – EastEnders (BBC1)

Callum is sceptical when Jay explains he’s only been seeing Nadine because she helps him sleep. Sadly, it turns out there are worse ways for Jay to deal with his pain as Callum later catches him with a bag of ketamine.

Sharon agrees to a date with Dorian and is intrigued when he brings up the job in Abu Dhabi. However, Keanu isn’t impressed that his ex is growing closer to the boxing promoter and gets his revenge by taking Albie out for the day without telling her where they’re going. Following a row, Sharon decides it’s time to get her solicitor involved, but will Keanu take Karen’s advice on how to deal with the custody dispute?

Suki urges Nugget to let Ravi knows he’s alive, but the police fear the teenager’s text could be a hoax. Meanwhile, Denzel organises a vigil to show Nugget that his loved ones want him back.

Rocky seems to be on a winning streak at the bookies, but is Harvey right to fear that his mate is pushing his luck?

The Net Closes In – Coronation Street (ITV1)

Is Stephen’s reign as Weatherfield’s resident villain over at last? In a week-long storyline, it seems that could be the case.

The episodes begin as he puts the final pieces of his escape to Thailand in place, little realising that his friends, neighbours and relatives are finally beginning to realise he is behind a spate of terrible crimes. When the penny eventually drops, it becomes clear he will stop at nothing to stay one step ahead of the police.

One person standing in the way of his success is Tim, who reports discovering a corpse in the canal. Before the authorities can arrive, Stephen knocks him unconscious, locks him in the boot of his car and douses it with petrol – then returns home as if nothing has happened.

Meanwhile, Sarah informs her family that Stephen has defrauded Audrey, leading to a nail-biting showdown between mother and son.

Mackenzie’s Choice – Emmerdale (ITV1)

Chloe is still reeling from overhearing an incriminating conversation between Mack and Charity, and she’s even more upset when she sees the pair sharing a tender, if platonic, embrace.

So, when she’s later behind the wheel with Mack and they find Charity by the side of the road following a breakdown, Chloe gets an idea.

She offers Charity a lift, while secretly intending to drive her and Mack to the middle of nowhere and leave them there. However, before she can put her plan into action, their car is rammed by another vehicle and is left teetering on a cliff edge. Mack gets out, but as the car starts slipping, who will he try to pull to safety first?

Meanwhile, Chas ends up on a dangerous drive of her own when she gets into the car with ‘Simon’, and Cain and Caleb are later horrified to learn their sister is with Harry.

Sam returns home to find Lydia has gone to her mother’s – but when he calls her mum, it turns out she isn’t there. After hearing her husband’s worried message, Lydia realises it’s time to tell him the truth.

Romeo’s Tragedy – Hollyoaks (E4)

Rayne may be dead, but her videos live on – and many of them are painting Romeo in a very bad light. James is determined to clear his son’s name by getting a confession from Brent, but a phone call between Romeo and Peri suggest the pair really do have something to hide.

Speaking of mysterious phone conversations, Carter takes a break from wowing the McQueens with his offers to help John Paul to answer a suspicious call of his own.

A job disappointment and an unwelcome reminder of Cindy and Tony’s romantic past are enough to make Dave turn to drugs again, but when his stash is discovered, it’s Beau who ends up in trouble.

Tom bears the brunt of Yazz’s mood swings, but Misbah fears her daughter’s issues are being caused by more than just relationship problems and later takes her to A&E.

Lacey gets a job offer as she struggles to come to terms with Rayne’s death, and Hunter hopes his new football team could provide an outlet for the school’s troubled kids – starting with Lucas.

When Neighbours Aren’t Good Friends – Neighbours (Amazon Freevee)

Jane continues to be horrified by Terese’s plans to turn the school site into a retirement village. The businesswoman considers withdrawing the proposal for the sake of their friendship – until she discovers that no matter what, the school will be closed anyway.

A surprise package makes Toadie realise just how much Nell misses Mel, and despite her campaign against his relationship with Terese, he tries to be sympathetic towards his daughter’s feelings, inspiring a truce between her and his new wife.

With answers from Paul not forthcoming, Wendy turns detective in an effort to find out how Cara secured the Lassiters job ahead of her, sure she’s going to find skeletons in her rival’s closet.

As Mackenzie throws herself back into the dating game, Byron declares his passion for Reece and Harold prepares for an adventure – a train trip of a lifetime that leaves Karl green with envy.

Felicity Makes a Thought-Provoking Move – Home and Away (C5)

With Tane back in New Zealand, Felicity asks her friends for advice on whether or not she should meet her attacker as part of a restorative justice initiative. She also speaks to social worker Harper before deciding to go ahead with it in the hope that he can fill in the gaps in her memory.

Harper also has to deal with her errant sister Dana, who is about to cause a big problem for Cash.

News that Theo is considering going solo prompts Remi to throw a punch at him – something that horrifies Bree because it reminds her of her abusive husband.

Alf returns to the Bay with hearing aids. Marilyn is convinced the devices have had a positive impact on him, but John isn’t quite so sure. Rose comes face-to-face with Samuel, the man she believes is her biological father. She has some tough questions for him, but is touched when he adds her name to his family bible.

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