NSYNC Continues Teasing Fans, Launches TikTok with Hilariously Awkward Photo Recreation

The ongoing reunion fun with NSYNC members Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, and Chris Kirkpatrick expands onto TikTok as the boy band launches their new page by recreating one of their most iconically awkward publicity photos.

The ongoing ren-NSYNC-aissance continues to expand, this time pushing its way onto TikTok as the boys (men now, we suppose) prove just as adept at smashing modern social media as they were the charts.

What started with Taylor Swift losing her mind onstage as Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, and Chris Kirkpatrick handed her the first award of the night at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards has only continued as *NSYNC continues to tease fans with more and more joint content.

NSYNC Reunites at MTV VMAs — See Boy Band on Stage Together for First Time In 10 Years!

A whole generation of fans have been screaming for an *NSYNC reunion for years now, and while it seemed like most of the group was on board with coming back together, JT always appeared to be the holdout. Now, though, it seems like they’re all having a blast hanging out again.

But could it all be leading to something bigger? It’s exciting enough that they’re helping JT out with their first new single in forever, “Better Places,” for his upcoming Trolls sequel, but fans aren’t going to be satisfied with a soundtrack single.

Plus, it’s as if they’re keeping the fires stoked for a bigger announcement. Not only have they already begun their social media takeover, they also announced their first sit-down interview as a full group in years in the most unexpected of places, First We Feast’s popular Hot Ones.

Justin Timberlake Shares Emotional Footage of NSYNC Back In Studio Together: 'That S–t is Epic'

Could this be where they’ll announce new music or possibly a reunion tour — or maybe both? Perhaps a Vegas residency? Why sit down for an interview at all if you don’t have anything to promote or announce? Why keep the reunion love going at all past the VMAs?

In the immediate aftermath of the VMAs, the group shared a viral video of them lip-syncing to a classic episode of Friends — which proves they get how this modern social media world works — as well as photos of them together.

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They revived their dormant *NSYNC Instagram page to share these photos and videos, but their latest move sees them expand onto the younger demographic’s preferred platform, TikTok (but don’t worry, it’s also on the gram).

The latest video features a hilariously spot-on recreation of one of their most iconic and awkward promotional videos from their earliest days as a group, circa 2001. We also noticed they’re in the same clothing as their Friends bit, making us wonder just how much content they created during that session?

We also loved that on their share to the group’s IG, they asked what we’re all thinking: “Who had us pose like that?”

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