Ozzy Osbourne's Head Heavily Bandaged Outside Doctor's Office

ozzy bandages

Ozzy Osbourne is heavily bandaged after his latest medical procedure to deal with a very painful spinal injury that’s plagued him for years.

Nurses assisted the rocker, who was in a wheelchair Thursday afternoon as he left a medical building in Beverly Hills. It’s unclear what doctors did, but Ozzy’s entire head is now bandaged.

ozzy bandages

Ozzy’s latest sighting comes after a series of medical concerns … culminating with him having to cancel all touring commitments earlier this year.

He explained in February he was still feeling “weak” following an accident 4 years earlier … where he reaggravated an old neck and back injury.

He’s already had to have 3 operations, physical therapy, stem cell treatments and the groundbreaking robotics treatment Cybernics.

ozzy bandages

Ozzy added he was determined to return to the limelight but was realistically unable to do so.

Back in September, he announced he intended to have a 4th surgery to address the extreme pain he was suffering. He acknowledged hating to let fans down but made it clear he was no longer physically capable of getting on stage.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Ozzy was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2020 … which left him requiring the use of a cane while walking.

It’s been a rough road for Ozzy, but here’s hoping he’s on the mend now.

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