Piers Morgans son apologises on his behalf after savage Sam Thompson dig following Im A Celeb win

Piers Morgan's son Spencer had to say sorry to I'm A Celebrity winner Sam Thompson after his dad, who presents on TalkTV, called him an "irritating halfwit".

Former Good Morning Britain host Piers had a go at UK politician Nigel Farage and I'm A Celeb show's low ratings on X (which used to be Twitter), where he also mentioned Sam disparagingly. But Spencer, who knows Sam, quickly set things right.

Piers' original tweet said: "Congrats to Nigel Farage on losing a public vote for the 7th time, this time to an irritating reality TV halfwit in the lowest-rated series of I'm A Celebrity. And for ending up engulfed with snakes, an appropriate final humiliation for the biggest snake in Britain."

Even though Farage was the main target of Piers' rant, which some people thought was "ungracious" and "spiteful", it was Sam, who used to be on Made In Chelsea, that Piers ended up apologising to.

Spencer, who is 30, quoted his dad's tweet and said: "Sam is a really nice and very switched on guy. Would like to apologise on dad's behalf for this misinformed tweet."

This made Piers, who is 58, reply: "UPDATE: My eldest son @spencermorgan93 knows @SamThompsonUK well and says he's definitely not a halfwit, and is a really genuine down-to-earth guy who speaks highly of me. Apologies, Sam, I clearly misjudged you."

The TV host also responded to a comment from a social media user, saying about Nigel Farage: "No, it's because he's a treacherous little weasel who after I congratulated him on his own Donald Trump interview scoop then tried – but failed – to sabotage mine. Farage showed me his true colours then.. he's a disloyal snake."

ITV revealed voting figures yesterday, showing that Farage was far from winning the crown. He received 25.78% of the public vote, behind Tony (30.87%) and Sam (43.35%). Sam and Tony then battled for the jungle crown, with 56.64% and 43.36% of the votes respectively.

In other news, reports suggest that 3.6 million fewer viewers watched Sunday's final compared to last year. Some blame Brexit champion Farage for the drop in viewing figures for the first episode, which attracted 10.2 million viewers – 2.1 million less than the previous year.

The lower viewing figures continued throughout the series, averaging 1.5 million less per evening than in 2022. Although these numbers were higher than the 2021 series filmed in Wales' Gwrych Castle due to the pandemic, they were lower than every series filmed in the Australian jungle since 2015.

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