Sam Quek: I’m so hard on myself when it comes to parenting

Sam Quek has shared her struggle with balancing work, personal and parenting life and avoiding feeling 'mum guilt', admitting that she's 'hard on herself'.

The Olympic field hockey player, who appeared on I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here in 2016, is mother to Molly, two, and Zac, who she welcomed in March 2022, and has recently been busy hosting The NFL show recently.

And while the sports personality loves her job, she can't help but feel guilt when being away from her little ones. She told OK!: "I’m massively hard on myself when it comes to mum guilt, it’s easy to compare with other families and mums, and on social media.

"You see parents doing perfect meals and Instagrammable foods for their kids and just because I don’t do that, doesn’t mean I’m not a good mum. For me, as an individual, I get to a point where I feel I need to reset."

It's not the first time Sam, who is married to property entrepreneur Tom Mairs, 43, has opened up about facing mum guilt, previously telling OK! that she felt 'constant guilt' over going to work while her kids are at home.

She said back in May: "I get a lot of mum guilt. They’re only young for so long. I look back at photos, especially of Zac, and I can’t remember the first two months, and then I went back to work eight weeks after giving birth to him."

In a bid to shake off the guilt, Sam is attempting to focus more on the 'little wins' when it comes to parenting, as she admits that working also has a positive impact on her family life.

"I enjoy work, it makes me a better mum and a better wife. I find myself overthinking about their meals and things like that, but, you have to realise that they’re fed and they’re happy.

"They are the little wins that we need to focus on. It’s important to realise that we’re doing our best, mum guilt does affect mums and parents mentally."

While Sam is jam-packed focusing on the kids, she and her husband Tom haven't ruled out expanding their family.

As we probe whether it's something on her radar, Sam explains: "I would never say never to more kids, I think children are a blessing. I would love my kids to be involved in sport."

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