Solo dining Would YOU feel comfortable eating out alone?

TALKING POINTS: Would YOU feel comfortable eating alone at a restaurant?

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With a 300% increase in Google searches over the past year, and celebrities like Britney Spears spotted dining out alone following her split form Sam Asghari – solo dining is the hot foodie trend showing no sign of abating.

That being said, solo dining isn’t for everyone. Last week, Apprentice star Ryan Mark-Parson called eating out alone ‘sad’ and ‘for losers’ and his comments sparked furious debate online.

While a quick Google search will bring up a barrage of glowing reviews of the empowering and life-affirming benefits of eating out alone, for many it’s an intimidating concept, an unnecessary expense and one that misses the fundamental social element of sharing a meal over conversation with a loved one.

What do YOU think? Do you love eating out alone or do you find the solo dining concept weird?

We’d love you to share your opinions for and against in the comments. 

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