Stacey Solomon ‘feels awful’ as Sort Your Life Out guest sobs minutes into show

Sort Your Life Out: Stacey hugs guest in emotional moment

Sort Your Life Out host Stacey Solomon was left stunned at the number of items which had filled their warehouse, claiming it was the “fullest” they had ever seen.

During tonight’s first episode of series three, Stacey and the team met Tom and Chloe and their two daughters, Arya, five, and Nerea, three.

Their house became a shrine of old memories that Chloe couldn’t get rid of, Tom’s obsession with overbuying sweet treats and the two girls’ large number of toys overspilling in every room.

Chloe had also given up on the bakery company she started with her best friend after being embarrassed when customers would ask to come and pick up their orders.

Tom admitted that he felt unable to help, as he constantly travels abroad for work and compensated for his absence with gifts that clog up their home.

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The team got started and with the help of Tom, Chloe and the girls, began boxing up all their possessions ready to be sorted at the warehouse.

Walking into the organised chaos, Chloe and Tom were met with 59 books and magazines, 326 pieces of baking equipment, 39 unopened travel-sized jars of jam and 1,672 toys.

The family were shocked and hit by the reality of how much they actually owed and couldn’t work out how it all fit in their tiny home to begin with.

Chloe gasped: “No! No way, I did not expect it to be this much!” to which Stacey admitted: “This has got to be one of the fullest warehouses I have ever seen.”

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Still stunned, Chloe added: “I cannot believe this all fits in our house! Woah…” before moving onto the books for their first task.

However, within minutes, Chloe had already become emotional when Tom found a book which her late grandfather had read to her when she was younger.

She admitted to Stacey: “My grandparents used to live in France, but I didn’t think that would get to me.”

Away from the family, Stacey expressed: “We have never had tears in the first 10 minutes… I feel awful! Chloe really has huge sentimental values on almost everything.”

After seven brutal days of sorting, building and painting, Chloe and Tom’s house finally became livable once again, with plenty more storage facilities for their belongings.

Sort Your Life Out airs Thursday from 8pm on BBC One.

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