Terror in Corrie as major character is left to die in tragedy

Cassie Plummer (Claire Sweeney) ends up in serious danger in Coronation Street soon as she overdoses on drugs and is rushed to hospital once more.

When we first met Cassie, it was revealed that she’s not only Tyrone’s (Alan Halsall) biological mother, but also a drug addict.

After she learnt that Evelyn (Maureen Lipman) was living with Tyrone and his children, Cassie agreed that it would be a good idea to go to rehab to try and get clean, so she could return ready to get to know her family.

Of course, living a life free from drugs was never going to be straight forward for Cassie. Her past follows her wherever she goes and temptation is everywhere, which is something Tyrone learns next week.

During her first shift at the garage, Cassie is confronted by Dean the drug dealer. As he demands money, Dean and Cassie’s argument is spotted by Abi (Sally Carman), who recognises Dean from her past.

When Cassie refuses to go for her lunch break, Abi nips back to find her helping herself to the petty cash.

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As the week continues, Cassie tries to help Tyrone, who is struggling to get Ruby’s (Billie Naylor) new boots in time for her party.

She offers to pick them up and Tyrone reluctantly hands her the £80. This is of course a massive risk which is highlighted by Evelyn, given that Cassie could throw the cash down the drain and use it to buy drugs.

And that’s exactly what she does.

After meeting Dean on a street corner, Cassie pops several of the pills he’s just sold her and disappears.

Back on the cobbles, as the party gets underway, Michael (Ryan Russell) accidentally lets slip that he saw a bloke fighting with Cassie last week and Abi is forced to confirm that it was Dean the drug dealer.

Realising his mum is missing, Tyrone instructs his friends to get searching for her.

Cassie is found by Hope (Isabella Flanagan) and eventually rushed to hospital, with Tyrone faced with the fact his mum has overdosed after promising to stay clean.

So, what now?

Will Tyrone continue to build a relationship with her?

‘It’s a real whirlwind of emotions and Tyrone is so shocked by it all because even in the back of his mind, he probably thought something like this could happen’, Alan Halsall reflected.

‘He also wanted to believe so much that he wouldn’t. His first concern is Hope and worrying about what she’s seen and how she’s dealt with it. What he really doesn’t quite understand is why she’s gone back to using drugs. He doesn’t understand why when she has found him and everything is better in her life she has still gone back to the drugs.

‘And he doesn’t really understand drug abuse and of course this was what Evelyn was trying to say to him.’

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