The Crown's Kate Middleton meets Diana

The Crown’s Kate Middleton and Princess Diana’s ‘imaginary meeting’ in Netflix show revealed – as Princess Of Wales’ mother gives her some racy advice

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  • The popular royal drama drew to a close today with the release of final episodes
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The Crown has imagined Kate Middleton and Princess Diana meeting one another in the sixth and final series of the popular Netflix drama.

In the opening of episode seven, a teenage Kate is dress shopping with her mother Carole Middleton in London, when the pair spot Diana, played by Elizabeth Debicki, and Prince William selling copies of The Big Issue.

A young Kate hands Diana some money and the royal notes: ‘That’s very generous’ in the meeting between the two, with the Princess encouraging her son to thank his future wife.

However, the pair crossing paths appears to have been imagined by The Crown writers – as the current Princess of Wales confirmed last Spring that she had never actually met her mother-in-law. 

The scene, released today in the second part of the final season which explores the blossoming relationship between Kate and William, also captures Carole (Eve Best) seemingly meddling. She urges her daughter to ‘show off your figure, which the boys will love’ before setting her sights on William as a suitor for Kate.

The Crown has imagined Kate Middleton and Princess Diana meeting one another in the sixth and final series of the popular Netflix drama. Pictured, Elizabeth Debicki as Diana 

After walking out of a London store, Kate and Carole catch sight of Princess Diana and Prince William selling copies of The Big Issue in the opening of the seventh episode.

After Kate hands Diana a note, the royal says: ‘That’s very generous.’ She then asks the future Princess of Wales for her name and then tells Prince William to thank her.

The future Prince and Princess of Wales then exchange a knowing look as William hands over the copy of the magazine.

However, it’s seriously unlikely the meeting ever took place – with Kate confirming last Spring that she had never actually met Diana. 

While speaking with royal fans in Aberfan, Kate said it was an ‘honour’ to wear Diana’s engagement ring – after a member of the public admired it.

The Princess then said: ‘I never met her, sadly.’

The Princess of Wales then went on to say Diana would have been a ‘brilliant grandmother’ and emphasised how much she is ‘missed everyday’. 

That said, Princess Diana was known to be a Big Issue supporter and would often purchase copies outside Sloane Square station, not far from her Kensington Palace home.

In the opening of episode seven, a teenage Kate is dress shopping with her mother Carole Middleton in London , when the pair spot Diana, played by Elizabeth Debicki , and Prince William selling copies of The Big Issue

A young Kate hands Diana some money and the royal notes: ‘That’s very generous’ in the meeting between the two, with the Princess encouraging her son to thank his future wife

Elsewhere in the final series, during her first meeting with William in the library, The Crown’s Kate, played by Meg Bellamy, confesses that she travelled to Chile on her gap year – missing her future husband by a matter of days.

Discussing how close they live in halls, Kate tells William: ‘I only know its your room below because they swept us for bugs.

‘I told them if they were worried I was out to get you, I could have just done that in Chile. On the gap year Raleigh international expedition.’ Kate then tells William: ‘We missed each other by a week.’

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At the end of 2000, Prince William travelled out to Chile – where he helped build local infrastructure – with Raleigh International Expedition.

The following month, Kate then completed the same excursion before moving to Florence with friends for three months.

At the time, it was rumoured Prince William would visit the Tuscan capital for a similar pre-university art course – but never materialised.

Kate also laments in the episode about her mother Carole having her heart set on her dating William.

After her boyfriend Rupert left the family home, The Crown’s Kate tells her mother: ‘Was it a coincidence you encouraged me to sign up for the art course in Florence where William was expected to go – and then to the expedition in Chile as well – were he went.’

‘I thought you’d thank me,’ the dramatised Carole says. ‘You said you liked him.’ 

Kate’s mother then says she thinks her daughter is ‘special’ and that ‘poor’ William ‘needs a nice, normal girl’. 

William and Kate, dubbed the ‘fittest’ girl in the university, admire one another from afar in St Andrews scenes in the seventh episode.

Netflix supposed the pairs had similar interests, from ‘Miss Middleton’ checking out a library book that William desired to them both swimming lengths at the same time – though Kate was quicker.

Kate, meanwhile, is forced to watch William kiss another girl, his first girlfriend Lola, as she works in a restaurant waiting on tables. However, Prince William never had a girlfriend called Lola, as far as public knowledge is concerned.

William and Kate, dubbed the ‘fittest’ girl in the university, and played by Meg Bellamy, admire one another from afar in St Andrews scenes in the seventh episode

The couple have their first proper conversation at the library, where they bond over their gap years in Chile, where they supposedly missed each other by a week.

William likened Kate to an ‘exceptional’ person who excels at everything’, which stirred jealousy in his girlfriend as she overheard.

But the imagined conversation took a turn when a fellow student asked William if he would mind signing an autograph. He replied: ‘Yes actually, I would. We’re talking. Just go away.’

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Kate, clearly under the impression that William was rude, gathered her books to leave.

Despite Williams’s attempt to defend himself: ‘I get that all the time. You have no idea what it’s like to live with that kind of attention day in and day out,’ Kate remained unimpressed.

She replied: ‘What being ogled? Looked at and judged constantly …try being a girl.’ Directors at The Crown presented William as misunderstanding Kate’s remark with his response of: ‘A fit girl’.

Here, despite previous discontent between a fictional Lola and Kate, the pair united on this front.

Lola supported Kate and said: ‘No try being any girl. Failing that, you could at least try being a human being while not reducing every woman to whether she’s fit.’ The pair then storm out of the library together.

Meanwhile, it’s not only Kate who’s portrayed as commanding attention – with the Netflix series presenting William as a heartthrob desired by women across the globe.

Willsmania is out in full force in the final series, with the royal presented with a hefty sack of ‘letters from around the world – mostly young ladies’ in the fifth episode.

The letters mourned the loss of Diana and simultaneously weaved in a mention of William’s looks.

Later in the episode, William is at a golden wedding anniversary celebration for Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip.

The Netflix series showed Prince William, played by Ed McVey, as a national heartthrob during his teenage years

He walked in the same procession as his grandparents, and the ‘public’ was made up of screaming teenage girls – all there for Wills.

The episode then showed an imagined conversation between Charles, played by Dominic West, and Camilla, played by Olivia Williams.

Camilla was unsurprised by the attention William received because, ‘he’s such a handsome boy’. 

Camilla later likened William’s situation to the media frenzy Diana once generated, ‘the whole thing has a distinct feeling of déjà vu,’ she said. ‘He does look remarkably like his mother’, she added.

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Charles replied to Camilla: ‘Yes, and it’s painful to watch because – unlike Diana – Will is a shy old thing, not comfortable with that kind of attention’.

Later in the episode, William returned to school around Valentine’s Day, and again, he has two sacks of letters filled with love notes.

Fast forward, and William arrived in Canada with Charles and Harry. As they step off the plane, they’re greeted by screaming girls once again.

Harry, played by Luther Ford, teased his big brother about all the girls and notes that he’s ‘jealous’ because ‘in the history of mankind, nobody has ever screamed for somebody with red hair.’

The brothers then turns on a Canadian news channel where the announcer said: ‘There’s a new teenage heartthrob in town – tall, blonde, and blessed with his mother’s good looks, Prince William is officially a sensation.

‘The world is gripped by Willsmania – with his blushing and demure smile, the young prince sometimes seemed embarrassed by the limelight but for the many girls who chanted his name, this only added to his appeal.’

Despite the hundreds of girls calling him Prince Charming, William expressed clear signs of disdain for the increasing amounts of attention from the opposite sex.

Later in the series, William travelled to Scotland for his first day at St Andrews University. Again, the streets were filled with royal fans.

Flags are waved and screams can be heard as William arrives in a car for his first day at the Scottish university with his father. But again, despite the cheering crowds, the young prince was presented as agitated about the reception.

The final instalment of the big-budget royal drama, which has drawn criticism for scenes depicting the run up to and aftermath of Princess Diana’s death in Paris, focuses on the young royals.

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