The Lazarus Project’s Paapa Essiedu speaks out on Bond rumours

Sky’s time-jumping thriller The Lazarus Project is back for a second series, with Bafta-nominated Paapa Essiedu returning as George – an ordinary man with the ability to turn back the clock, enlisted by a secret government agency.

Having shown off his spy skills in series one, the 33-year-old is rumoured to be up for the next James Bond – although Paapa finds the prospect of The Lazarus Project being his audition for 007 hilarious.

“I giggle at the idea of James Bond and George swapping day jobs. Let’s not forget he was an app developer for nine episodes.

“I don’t know what George would look like in a tux. He can barely stop his girlfriend from dumping him, let alone Marion Cotillard or Léa Seydoux.”

Series two sees George face repercussions for giving his ex-girlfriend Sarah (Charly Clive) the ability to turn back time. Meanwhile, boss Wes (Caroline Quentin) is trying to close a three week time loop and save the world.

Line Of Duty ’s Anjli Mohindra is back as agent Archie – although she admits she was “heartbroken” after missing a big fight sequence due to a broken foot.

“I ran up and down my stairs, tripped and broke my foot three weeks before the shoot,” she says. “It was a ridiculous accident.

“My foot is fine but my heart is still slightly broken – I’d spent a lot of time subtly letting [writer] Joe Barton know I really like fighting.”

As for Caroline, she says the hardest part about returning to the show was getting to grips with the time jumps.

“Even sometimes in the middle of a scene, I’ll have to turn to the actor next to me and go, ‘What’s just happened?’” she admits.

But if she was offered the opportunity to turn back time in real life, saving the planet wouldn’t be her main priority.

“I’d just have a good time!” she laughs. “[Charly and I] decided we might have a good time together. We’d go out, drink a lot of vodka and wear really fancy clothes.”

Series two of The Lazarus Project picks up with George trying to bring a never-ending time loop to a close before humanity is wiped out forever.

The Lazarus Project returns on Wednesday 15th November at 9pm on Sky Showcase.

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