Ulrika Jonsson says she dated famous DJ when she was 16 and he was in his 30s

Ulrika Johnson has claimed she embarked dated a famous DJ in his 30s when she was aged 16, a relationship she now says was "deeply inappropriate".

Having now reached the age of 56, the TV presenter's perspective on life has completely changed. As a youngster, she thought it cool to date an older guy, but now, she wouldn't dream of seeing a younger man, finding the notion of being with someone significantly your junior very bizarre.

Ultimately, she can't get her head around why an adult man would want a relationship with a teenager, branding it "Immoral" and "Unethical". Writing for The Sun, she said: "Consensual or otherwise, it’s riddled with issues. It’s immoral and unethical, even if everyone feels the need to argue it’s legal. Just because something is legal doesn’t mean you should do it.

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While still a teenager, Ulrika attended the premiere of a film her stepfather had worked on and during the celebrations, she says she was hit on by a much older man, who tried to weasel his way in.

She wrote: "He showed an interest in me and asked me out on a date. I was a green, naive, provincial and virginal teen, so I was flattered and perplexed in equal measure by the attention. I couldn’t quite believe it because I was definitely not one of the cool girls at school, and he was at the height of his fame.

"He invited me as a guest to a show he was presenting. On another occasion, we went to listen to a band in a studio and then on to dinner with some of his friends.

Showing that he was fully aware that his friends would have an issue if they were to discover her age, The Celebrity Big Brother winner explained: "He whispered in my ear that I should say I’m studying for A-levels, not O-levels, because it 'Would just be easier'. I did as I was told and lied ­hesitantly. As he drove me to my taxi home, he stopped the car and very gently tried to kiss me.

Now bring a mother of two daughters, Ulrika revealed she "can't imagaine" either of her girls being engagement in a relationshio with a man in his 30s. She said: "The very thought of it sickens me. Except, for some people, it clearly doesn’t — because I won’t have been the first or the last who had this kind of experience. Girls shouldn’t be perceived as mature at that age, they should be allowed to be their age."

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It comes after Celeb Go Dating star Ulrika was left unimpressed after her latest dating disaster – with the ageless beauty revealing the reason her date "wished he’d never met her" Taking to Instagram, the blonde beauty told her 202k fans about the dating fail, alongside a picture of herself smouldering to the camera.

She fumed: "To the ‘mature’ guy who told me after we met that if he’d known I had a 15-year-old son living with me, he ‘maybe’ wouldn’t have met me #shameonyou.”

Throughout her 35-year-long career, Ulrika has become a sex symbol after taking part in some seriously hot shoots.

Ulrika has four children – Cameron, 29, Bo, 22, Martha, 19, and teenager Malcolm – who all have different fathers from past relationships, including three marriages.

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