Watch Machine Gun Kelly React To TERRIFYING MOMENT Fan Creeps On Stage During Interview!

This is so scary!

Machine Gun Kelly was in Cleveland, Ohio on Tuesday for the 2023 Forbes Under 30 Summit when a rogue fan somehow got on the stage and crept up behind his chair! So scary!

In a video of the incident posted to Instagram, the musician abruptly stops talking mid-sentence when he notices the man behind him — just feet away! OMG! MGK instantly jumped to his feet with his hands balled into fists, yelling:

“My man, get the f**k away from me.”

However, he quickly tried to calm himself and talk the man down, saying:

“Yo, what are you doing? What are you doing? This is a bad look. Don’t make me do this.”

Moments later, two security guards ran onto the stage and carried the man away before he could reach the Emo Girl performer. It’s unclear what his motivation was, though, per Variety, the fan whispered to the 33-year-old:

“I got you, man. I want to help you out here.”



During the frantic moment, it appeared like the Bad Things artist’s microphone was turned off and the live stream briefly cut out, giving him a second to cool off and return to his seat. Once calmed down, he apologized for his “primal reaction,” telling the audience:

“I’m sorry, I try to live the dichotomy more on this side than the other guy. I left that guy in the past. I’m really sorry… And I do apologize for my primal reaction.”

But Forbes interviewer Kristin Stoller didn’t think he had a reason to be sorry, stressing that he handled the situation “amazingly.” The crowd also cheered for him, co-signing her take on the unnerving moment.

Honestly, big props for him staying so composed during the incident. It’s shocking how close the fan got to him and how long it took for security to step in! This is becoming a dangerous pattern! Watch the moment for yourself (below):

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We’re so glad he’s okay! Thoughts?? Let us know in the comments!

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