Yellowstone’s Melody Prescott is played by a Hellcats star

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WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Yellowstone. 

Yellowstone has seen many try and get their hands on the Duttons’ land, including Melody Prescott back in season one. 

The popular Western drama may be nowhere near being seen for the foreseeable future, but fans cannot help but think about what’s already happened in the Paramount Network show after CBS started airing reruns. 

Back in 2018, John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner) and his children had to fight off a number of developers, but the main one desperate for their land was Dan Jenkins (Danny Huston). 

Working for Paradise Valley, he kept coming up with schemes to try and get the Duttons off the site but nothing seemed to work, so this is when he brought in Melody Prescott. 

She was brought in to try and find a way around all of the obstacles and suggested a new face was needed to front the fight and this is when Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) stepped in.

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Who plays Melody Prescott in Yellowstone?  

Yellowstone season one star Melody Prescott was portrayed by actress Heather Hemmens. 

She has had several minor roles during her career so far, from Glory Road and CSI: Miami, to Rise of the Zombies and Grey’s Anatomy. 

Hemmens, 35, will most likely be recognised for playing Alice Verdura in The CW cheerleading series Hellcats.

Alice was a flyer and co-captain of the team but after breaking her wrist, she was unable to take part for six weeks. 

She went on to start taking drugs in a bid to reduce the pain caused by her injury, in the hopes she could get on the squad faster but thankfully, she soon put a stop to this so she could get her life back on track. 

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Hemmens starred opposite the likes of Ally Milchalka, Ashley Tisdale and Matt Barr in the drama.

She then went on to star in the Oprah Winfrey Network’s If Loving You is Wrong for five years as Marcie Holmes, whose biggest storyline was her husband Randall (Eltony Williams) cheating on her with her friend Alex (Amanda Clayton). 

Hemmens was in If Loving You is Wrong until 2019, the year before the drama came to an end. 

Since then, she has featured in several TV movies like Love, Take Two, Caribbean Summer and Come Fly With Me.

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As of yet though, there has been no word on when exactly fans can expect Yellowstone to return. 

There had been talks of season five part two starting in the summer of 2023 before this was pushed back to November. 

It is now very unlikely this will be the case, so subscribers are going to have to wait until the New Year at the earliest to find out how it all ends for the Duttons. 

Yellowstone is available to watch on Paramount Network and Paramount+.

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