Strictly Come Dancing star Gorka Marquez reveals he doesn’t know if he will get given a partner this year

Strictly Come Dancing star Gorka Marquez is a popular pro dancer on the BBC One show, and fans were devastated when it was announced that he wasn’t getting a partner for the 2019 series. But the dad-of-one has admitted that he is still unsure whether or not he will get one for the upcoming 2020 show, although he would love to. Talking to Manchester Evening News, the 29-year-old said: “I’d love to be back and I’d love to be back on the dancefloor with a partner. It’s a great team at Strictly and my little one will be able to see me dance.” Gorka also reflected on last year’s show, and how he felt being left out of the main line-up. He said: “Every couple was amazing and if it was to happen, last year was the best year, because I got to spend time with Gemma and Mia.”

Strictly star Gorka Marquez revealed he doesn’t yet know if he will get a partner on the show this year

While Gorka wasn’t given a partner for the main show, he was paired up with girlfriend Gemma Atkinson for the Christmas special in December. The pair enjoyed working together, and it was the first time that they had danced as a couple, as Gemma had previously took part in Strictly with pro dancer Aljaz Skorjanec. Opening up about dancing together, Gemma confessed they haven’t done so before – even at home! At a recent press conference, she shared: “People always say to me, ‘Do you and Gorka dance together at home?’ And we’ve never danced together at all. All I’ve done since Strictly is have a baby.” That being said, Gemma added that Gorka was an excellent teacher, explaining: “Dancing with Aljaz was so amazing. Dancing with Gorka is funny because he’s very authoritative in the dance studio, which makes me laugh because at home it’s me that wears the trousers! I’ve never seen Gorka at work so to speak, but he’s a fantastic teacher.”

MORE: Gorka Marquez makes hearts melt with adorable video of daughter Mia

Gorka is a doting dad to baby daughter Mia

The couple share six-month-old daughter Mia, and Gorka revealed that his little girl is already following in her parents’ footsteps when it comes to having rhythm. When asked whether he would like Mia to become a dancer, Gorka said: “I’d like her to do whatever she wants to do but she already has a lot of rhythm. Because of my job and Gemma’s job on the radio we both love music.” Gorka is a doting dad, and was delighted when Mia said her first word – Dada – last week. Gemma wasn’t as impressed, however, and shared a video of her bittersweet excitement over Mia learning to speak. Talking into the camera, she said: “I carried her. Had a kidney infection with her around seven months. I was taken to A&E. I had an achy back, swollen feet, quite a traumatic birth followed by a haemorrhage – and this morning, the first thing she starts saying… Dada! Dada dada. Now I know dada is easier than mamma but come on Mia! Crikey!” Gemma then panned the camera around to Gorka, who was unable to hide the delighted look on his face.

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The Truth Behind the Biggest 2020 Grammy Snubs

Getty Images/E! Illustration

Taylor Swift wasn’t ignored, but is this any way to treat a Lover?

Though the 2020 Grammy Award nominations presented an inspiring array of industry veterans and newcomers—Ariana Grande! Lana Del ReyLizzo! Billie Eilish! Lil Nas X!—in the top categories, as always there just wasn’t enough space to please everybody.

Or, in some cases, do all of the deserving work justice.

For instance, though Lover is up for Best Pop Vocal Album, the title track is nominated for the prestigious Song of the Year and “You Need to Calm Down” is up for Best Pop Solo Performance, those three nominations weren’t enough for fans who swooned over what was arguably Taylor’s best work in years and represented a significant shift in style for the artist.

However, if she does win Song of the Year, Swift—who was just feted at the Sundance Film Festival for the premiere of her hotly anticipated Netflix documentary Miss Americana—will be the first solo writer to win in the category since Amy Winehouse in 2008. (All of the other nominated songs have at least two and as many as five credited writers.)

Ironically, Swifties can commiserate with the Katy Kats, who feel they haven’t had their due in years, and the streak continues with no recognition for Katy Perry‘s summer 2019 single “Never Really Over” (we’re actually partial to the similarly overlooked “Small Talk”).

For the record, to be considered for this year’s ceremony, work had to be released between Oct. 1, 2018, and Aug. 31, 2019.

But don’t even get the BTS army started, as the globally obsessed-over K-Pop band was once again nominationless, even though, as “Precious shadow” pointed out on Twitter, “Someone tell me how bts, didnt get any Grammy nominations…like map of the soul persona sold over 4 million copies, A MINI album , had the most views for their music video, [had] more impact that a majority of artists this year..”

To qualify for Album of the Year consideration, the work must have at least five original songs, which Map of the Soul: Persona does (it has seven!), but it’s considered an EP and, though it did indeed sell 3.2 million units in a month to make it the best-selling album in South Korea in 24 years, it just didn’t stack up against the likes of the 14-track Cuz I Love You (Deluxe) by Lizzo or Ariana Grande‘s 12-song Thank U, Next.

It was more surprising that their collaboration with Halsey, “Boy With Luv,” didn’t get a Best Pop Duo/Group Performance nod—but as it turned out, Halsey and her No. 1 hit “Without Me” were also thoroughly snubbed.

After BTS fans were similarly bothered last year for the across-the-board snubbing, the Recording Academy did extend an invitation to the group members to join their ranks. And the lads, who presented last year, harbor no hard feelings—they’ll be making their Grammys performance debut on Sunday with Lil Nas X, Billy Ray Cyrus and Diplo.

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Dick Clark Productions

Coincidentally, they’ll be the first Korean group to ever perform at the Grammys—in the same year that Bong Joon-Ho‘s Parasite has become the first Korean film to be nominated for the Best International Feature Film Oscar, let alone Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay. 

And despite the deserving stars of Parasite not earning any acting nominations from the Academy, last weekend the film made history by winning Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Motion Picture at the 2020 SAG Awards, the first-ever foreign-language film to take that prize.

So, it goes to show that the opening of doors and paving of ways has always been frustratingly slow-going, but the industry gatekeepers are at least attempting to open those gates wider. As BTS fans who rationalized that they’re the real arbiters of how successful the group is pointed out, any awards that are based on fan votes—they’ve got this.

Clay Enos/Warner Bros.

And speaking of A Star Is Born, “Shallow” was released early enough for the 2019 Grammys, but the soundtrack from the 2018 film wasn’t eligible until this go-round, so it’s nominated for Best Compilation Soundtrack For Visual Media and “I’ll Never Love Again” is squaring off against “Spirit,” The Ballad Of The Lonesome Cowboy” from Toy Story 4, “Girl In The Movies” from Dumplin’, and “Suspirium” from Suspiria for Best Song Written for Visual Media.

But no Album of the Year recognition, to the consternation of many still heartbroken Ally-Jackson shippers, meaning O Brother, Where Art Thou? remains the last film soundtrack to win in that category, back in 2002.

Javier Bragado/WireImage

However, like the Best R&B Album category that doesn’t include Solange—and in fact includes only one female nominee, Ella Mai, for her self-titled debut, Best Rock Album is also devoid of ladies, minus the late Dolores O’Riordan on The Cranberries‘ last album, In the End, which was released in April. O’Riordan died in January 2018.

(As for some men who may have been deserving, however, A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships by English band The 1975 was named British Album of the Year at the 2019 Brit Awards but the lads only received one Grammy nomination, Best Rock Song for “Give Yourself a Try.”)

However, this year’s Best Americana Album field—Calexico and Iron & Wine, Madison Cunningham, Keb’ Mo’, J.S. Andara and Yola—and a more diverse array of artists in the Best American Roots Song and Performance categories at least up the chances that a person of color who’s under 70 years old is going to finally win in one of those three categories for the first time.

And while we’re on the subject of very set-in-their-ways genres…

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Stagecoach

Following in the footsteps of the Billboard Country chart (but not the CMA Awards), the Recording Academy didn’t see the smash-hit “Old Town Road (Remix)” by Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus as a country song, either, so it relegated the tune to pop categories—but perhaps this genre mash-up will at least improve on the “Despacito” remix’s still mind-boggling 0-for-3 showing at the 2018 Grammys, after the Latin-pop fusion track by Luis Fonsi, featuring Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber, was the undisputed song of the year (despite losing in the Song of the Year category).

“Old Town Road” also has several chances to be recognized for the wildly successful melding of cultures that it is, with nods for Record of the Year, Best Pop Duo/Group Performance and Best Music Video—three of Lil Nas X’s six nomination.

As dire as the situation might seem in any given year, there’s (almost) always a chance to do better next time.

Watch E!’s Live From the Red Carpet 2020 Grammy Awards coverage Sunday, Jan. 26 starting at 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT followed by the Grammys telecast at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on CBS. And for a recap of music’s biggest night immediately following the show, don’t miss the E! After Party special at 11:30 p.m. ET/8:30 p.m. PT, only on E!

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Mary Beard explains why men’s nudity is more “challenging” than women’s in 2020

In her new documentary series, Mary Beard examines “the shock of the nude”. Here, she speaks to Stylist about why it’s such an important issue to spotlight in 2020. 

In 2018, Manchester City Art Gallery received a public backlash after removing one of its most popular paintings. John William Waterhouse’s Hylas And The Nymphs shows a clothed man crouching by a lily pond as naked nymphs rise to greet him.

Tabloids dubbed the removal “an act of a modish puritanism”. When gallery visitors were asked to share their thoughts on its removal on Post-it notes, one wrote: “Feminism gone mad!” Another asked: “Why not remove Sirens and Ulysses in Gallery 6… Was it a bit too heavy to carry?” And another guest scribbled down: “Good subject for debate – but please put it back.”

So, why was it removed in the first place? The artist Sonia Boyce made the decision because she wanted to start a conversation. The removal was temporary, and she used it to highlight how the nude in western art is now an inflammatory and divisive subject.

Indeed, Boyce created the discussion she sought out. And it’s this very debate that renowned professor of classics, Mary Beard, explores in her new BBC 2 Documentary Shock Of The Nude.

“It was quite extraordinary that almost every journalist really treated this as if it were either terrible censorship or, at the very least, political correctness gone mad,” Beard tells Stylist, ahead of the documentary’s first episode.

“Its removal was a way to make us think harder about it,” she continues. “I don’t think Boyce was trying to say ‘you should not look at this’. She was trying to say ‘you should be more aware about what you are looking at’.

Beard continues: “In rather an imaginative way she said ‘look you’ll think about that harder if you take that picture down for a bit’. She overachieved this, really, as it really did focus attention on that painting and it produced some rather extraordinary reactions.”

The Post-it notes that visitors were asked to write down their reactions on are still on display, continuing the conversation.

In the first episode of the documentary, Beard uses Boyce’s springboard to delve back in time to explore female nudity in art, to help contextualise its role in modern art in the #MeToo era.

Explaining why this is so important right now, she says: “Each generation looks at the word ‘nude’ with a different view and different edge. Bringing some of our own debates about men’s power over women into the understanding of the nude makes it very topical [in the Me Too era].

“We haven’t just discovered male power over women, but we are looking at it with new, fresh and more urgent eyes.

“Also, with new issues and new conversations being heard about gender and the body and about sexual identity – that makes us look to the way the body is being represented in art with slightly different perspectives.”

A particularly interesting question that comes up in Beard’s documentary – during a hen party’s visit to a life drawing class – is: why does male nudity seem more challenging than female nudity in 2020?

“It’s not always been the case,” she answers. “I think it’s certainly now true that we have more anxieties about the naked male form. There’s plenty of stuff about ‘oh are you allowed to show an erect penis?’

“What’s interesting is that if you go back to classical Greece and Rome, you’ll find that the naked male body is much less problematic than the naked female body. When you first get a female nude sculpture in classical Greece in the 4th century BC it’s hugely controversial. There are literally thousands of naked male statues that, as far as we know, in the ancient world don’t cause anxiety.”

She adds: “We are now very used to the idea that the naked female form is part of artistic tradition. We are actually more anxious about the male, and particularly about the male genitalia – that is what it really comes down to.

“Why has that changed? If I could explain why that happened, I would confuse myself! What’s important for me is to not always provide an answer to those interesting but deeply, deeply problematic questions, but to open up the questions themselves.

“I think that what we ought to do is ask ourselves: what is it that makes us feel different about a naked woman and a naked man? Male desire, if you go back to 1960s and 1970s feminism, has made men looking at naked women okay, in a way that women looking at naked men isn’t.

“If you want a bigger explanation, I don’t think there is one.”

Mary Beard’s Shock Of The Nude begins Monday 3 February on BBC Two.

Images: Getty, David Titlow

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Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren Goes Undercover As Nerdy Intern On ‘Saturday Night Live’

Adam Driver returned as host of “Saturday Night Live” and resurrected a version of his classic 2016  “Undercover Boss: Star Killer Base” sketch. This time his “Star Wars” persona Kylo Ren went undercover as “Randy,” an “entry-level intern” on the Star Destroyer.

“I haven’t been the best boss lately,” admits Kylo Ren. “I’ve been a little distracted by some personal drama.”

A voiceover explains: “Kylo killed his dad, cut his mentor in half, fired upon his mother’s spacecraft and is now obsessed with finding a young Jedi named Rey.”

Now he’s after a “fresh perspective.” But he’s a bit cranky as an intern, doesn’t like the rude stormtroopers, fries printers — and creams a disrespectful admiral (Beck Bennett) with a death stare. “Oh my God,” he says in fake concern. “Are you okay?”

“I made four new friends and only killed one of them” (with a light saber), he recounts when his intern stint is over. “I’d say that’s a pretty good start.”

Check out the last time Driver’s Kylo Ren went undercover on “SNL” here:


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Coronation Street's Lucy Fallon devastated as her phone is stolen during her leaving bash after quitting soap

CORONATION Street's Lucy Fallon has been left devastated after her phone was stolen at her leaving bash after quitting  the soap.

The 24-year-old filmed her final scenes as Bethany Platt earlier this week, and headed for a night out in Manchester to celebrate on Saturday evening.

Lucy shared a number of pictures from the party on her Instagram Stories, including one where her friends held her up as she lay across their arms.

However the star soon found herself on the floor after her pals dropped her, and things went from bad to worse when her mobile phone was stolen.

Lucy shared the news, writing: "Got so many cute pics last night but my phone was stolen. rt if u cri everitym".

This morning, Lucy was still gutted about her phone and losing the pictures from her big night out.

She wrote: "Does anyone know if there is a way to recover photos from a stolen iPhone that haven't been backed up onto iCloud?"

Lucy quit Coronation Street after five years playing Bethany, and took to Instagram earlier this week to pay tribute to the soap and her colleagues. 

She penned a heartfelt farewell message to fans explaining: "I’m writing this with mascara all over my face and tears/snot dripping onto my clothes but that’s a wrap… on what has been the most incredible 5 years of my life."

She shot her final scenes on Thursday afternoon surrounded by her real-life family in the Platt's lounge and shared a string of pictures from her time on the soap online.

Posting on Instagram, she wrote: "It’s so crazy to me that 5 years ago, I had just finished 6th form and had no idea what direction life was going to take me in.

"I never in a million years expected that I would be calling Gail platt a friend. But here we are… and I’m grateful for every single second of it.

"It’s such a cliche, but the platt family really are a second family to me. And I will forever be in debt to them.

"They have taught me everything I know… who needs a degree and drama school when you have the PLATts????

"To the cast, crew, and everyone in between, I will hold you all in my heart for the rest of my life.

"And to the viewers, thank you for the endless amount of support I have received over the years.

"And to you bethany… oh what fun we’ve had. But it’s not goodbye, just see ya later ♥️."

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‘Kylo Ren’ Hilariously Poses As First Order Intern In ‘Undercover Boss’ Themed Skit On ‘SNL’

‘Kylo Ren’ lives to see another day! Adam Driver kept the laughs coming in this ‘Star Wars’ themed skit on ‘SNL’ — and showed an entirely new side to the villain.

Adam Driver, 36, just took us back to the First Order in this sketch — but not in the way we were expecting! “I haven’t been the best boss lately, I’ve been a little distracted with some personal drama,” Adam as his Star Wars alter-ego Kylo Ren announces in the Undercover Boss themed sketch. It turns out that the skit takes place right after Kylo killed his dad Han Solo, caused a fire on his mom Princess Leia’s spacecraft and is on a mission to find Rey. His solution? To pose as Randy, an entry level intern, to get a better sense of what’s going on at work. Hey, even intergalactic space villains have to deal with difficult employees!

“Hey guys, I’m Randy, the new intern,” he introduces himself to the rest of his staff — and gets things started with a little office gossip! “What do you guys think, when Kylo Ren offers Rey his hand for the second time, do you think she’ll take it?” When a staffer reveals she doesn’t care, Kylo seemed — erm — a little offended! It turns out Randy doesn’t get quite red carpet treatment that Supreme Leader Kylo usually does, and his day-to-day involves boring tasks like wrangling droids and getting coffee. Princess Leia’s only son later got invited to an intern party, where it seemed like things were taking a positive turn. After a night of dancing and drinks, however, the First Order leader was offended by another staffers comments. When a fellow intern announces she wants to one day “fly like Luke Skywalker,” Ren didn’t take kindly — and busted out his red light saber! “You’ll die like him too,” he announced as he plunged the saber right through her heart. “I made four new friends and only killed one of them — I’d say that’s a pretty good start!” he announced with a thumbs-up. We guess so?

Adam has portrayed Darth Vader’s grandson Kylo Ren in the sequel trilogy films and has become an iconic Star Wars character in his own right! Conflicted between his dark and light sides, Kylo — born Ben Solo — finally found peace in The Rise of Skywalker. “The things about that character that I find painful, that I really relate to, I kind of prefer to keep to myself,” the San Diego native spilled to Vanity Fair about playing the controversial role, noting that he took inspiration from his time in the military. “There’s something obviously militant about [Kylo Ren] that makes sense. How he responds to things is probably physically quicker than most, because he’s on edge — they’re at war.”

“Third time hosting, it’s a new year,” Adam could be saying as he wandered the hallways in a hilarious promo released last week. “I know all of those people, let’s hope they’re ready for me!” Entering Studio 8H, he quickly noticed that all the holiday decorations were still up! “They haven’t cleaned from Christmas,” he murmured as a maid said, “You clean…start with the tree.” While Adam tried to insist that he’s “hosting this week,” he ultimately agreed to “clean some of it.” Now that’s a whole new spin on double duty! We aren’t quite sure that he’ll be invited back for janitorial duty, as his idea of cleaning consisted of, um, leaving the tree on a busy NYC sidewalk!

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Rihanna, T.I., & More Stars Attend Roc Nation’s Pre-Grammys 2020 Brunch!

Rihanna and T.I. are all smiles as they hang out at Roc Nation’s 2020 Pre-Grammys Brunch on Saturday afternoon (January 25) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old singer/Fenty designer looked pretty in a sparkling, gold outfit while the 39-year-old rapper sported an bright, yellow outfit for the event.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Rihanna

Other stars stepping out for the party included Diddy, Lana Del Rey, Kelly Rowland, Ne-Yo, Megan Thee Stallion, Quavo, Winnie Harlow, Miguel, 21 Savage, G-Eazy, Kevin Hart, Dave Chappelle, Big Sean, Jhene Aiko, DJ Khaled, Jameela Jamil and boyfriend James Blake, and Usher.

Jay-Z founded Roc Nation back in 2008 and they hold a star-studded brunch on the Saturday during Grammys weekend every year.

READ MORE: Beyonce Joins Jay-Z at Roc Nation’s Pre-Grammys 2020 Brunch!

15+ pictures inside of the stars at the event…

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What’s Coming to Disney Plus in February 2020 – See the List!

Disney+ is adding these movies and shows in February!

The streaming service has unveiled its list of new films and series coming to the platform from the end of January through February.

Highlights include Disney’s 2019 version of The Lion King, Toy Story 4, a new Toy Story short film called Lamp Life (focused on Bo Peep after the events of Toy Story 2), Splash, The Sandlot, Descendants 3, and more.

See the full list below!

READ MORE: Disney Plus Has Removed These Films as of January 2020

Click inside to see the full list of movies and shows heading to Disney Plus in February…

Coming to Disney Plus in February 2020:

Jan. 28
The Lion King (2019)

Jan. 31
Diary of a Future President, Episode 103 – “Disaster Relief”
Disney Family Sundays, Episode 113 – “Tangled: Paper Lanterns”
Lamp Life
Marvel’s Hero Project, Episode 113 – “Soaring Seamus”
One Day at Disney, Episode 109 – “Rob Richards: El Capitan Organist”

Feb. 1
Around The World In 80 Days
Big Business
The Sandlot
Wicked Tuna (Season 1-2)

Feb. 2
Descendants 3

Feb. 5
Toy Story 4

Feb. 7
Diary of a Future President, Episode 104 – “The National Mall”
Disney Family Sundays, Episode 114 – “Toy Story: Toy Bins”
Marvel’s Hero Project, Episode 114 – “Dynamic Danielle”
One Day at Disney, Episode 110 – “Grace Lee: Storybook Artist”
Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made

Feb. 9
Old Dogs

Feb. 14
My Dog, the Thief
Because of Winn-Dixie
Diary of a Future President, Episode 105 – “Whistleblower”
Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings, Episode 201 – “Marching Down the Aisle”
Disney Family Sundays, Episode 115 – “Princess and the Frog: Lily Pads”
Marvel’s Hero Project, Episode 115 – “Roving Robbie”
One Day at Disney, Episode 111 – “Kristina Dewberry: Imagineering Construction Manager”

Feb. 16
Marvel’s Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United

Feb. 20
Marvel Rising: Operation Shuri
Marvel Rising: Playing with Fire

Feb. 21
Unlikely Animal Friends (Season 1-2)

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Riverdale season 4 plot hole: Did Archie never see dad Fred Andrews get into a fight?

Riverdale came back to our screens this week on Wednesday, January 22 on The CW and then on Netflix the following day. Before the show went on its annual midseason break last year, fans were introduced to Archie Andrews’ (played by KJ Apa) Uncle Frank (Ryan Robbins) who has started to tell his nephew more about his father. But did peacemaker Fred Andrews (Luke Perry) ever get into fights?

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Riverdale season 4, episode 10.

In Varsity Blues, Riverdale High’s football team the Bulldogs went up against Stonewall Prep’s Stonewall Stallions who allegedly fought dirty in the past, hurting many of their previous competitors.

During the episode, wannabe detective Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) investigated the accusation and Bret Weston Wallis (Sean Depner) even admitted to “slaughtering” his enemies on the field.

So when the Bulldogs’ star player Munroe Moore (Eli Goree) was attacked by a group of thugs in rabbit masks, injuring his knee before the big game, Archie and the rest of his teammates had a good idea who was behind it.

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  • Riverdale season 4 Netflix release time: What time is Riverdale out?

Archie and some of his fellow Bulldogs went to Stonewall Prep to pay Bret a visit and after insulting their team, a fight broke out between the Bulldogs and the Stallions with Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse) in the middle trying to keep the peace.

The fight led to the police being called and Archie ending up in a cell.

Thankfully, Uncle Frank was on call and bailed his nephew out before he got into anymore trouble.

Did Archie ever see dad Fred Andrews get into fights?

After Archie is released, Uncle Frank takes him to Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe for a heart to heart.

When Frank asks whether the fight was started because Archie wanted payback for Munroe, the redhead looks down, confirming this was the case.

In response, Frank says: “Don’t be ashamed. I’m the last person to be judging anyone Archie.

“Especially when it comes for fighting for your friends – your dad was the same way.”

Archie questions what his uncle means by this and replies: “I mean your dad was pretty level headed all things considered, except when someone came after a friend or family member. He’d turn into a bit of a mad man. He could be brutal in a bar fight.”

Clearly surprised, Archie replies: “I can’t even imagine my dad throwing punches.”

But this isn’t exactly true as Archie had witnessed Fred in a fight.


Antiques Roadshow expert stunned by telegram from Hitler [VIDEO]

Royal POLL: Should Charles step aside for William to become King? [POLL]

UK snow forecast: FOOT of snow coming as Met Office warns of -3C chill [MAP]

In the season two finale, Hiram Lodge (Mark Conseulos) framed Archie for the murder of Cassidy Bullock (Harrison Macdonald).

When Riverdale returned for season three, Archie is put on trial for the murder and his represented by his lawyer mother Mary Andrews (Molly Ringwald).

As Fred accompanies his son out of the court room and away from the photographers, Hiram sarcastically says: “Hey Archie, have a terrific weekend.”

Furious at what he was putting his son through, Fred punches Hiram in front of everyone, including Archie.

They both want to continue the fight but are held back by those around them and are pulled away from each other, leaving in opposite directions.


  • Riverdale season 4: Fans expose huge Veronica Lodge plot hole

During the episode, Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes) was once again at loggerheads with her father as he stopped her from selling her own version of the family’s rum recipe.

However, by the end of the show, she teams up with Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch) to create their very own maple-flavoured rum.

There was also another flash forward which saw Betty packing up some of Jughead’s belongings in his room at Stonewall Prep.

But is Jughead really dead and did she have something to do with his murder?

Riverdale season 4 continues every Thursday on Netflix.

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Dancing On Ice’s Caprice Bourret sports swollen eye in latest drama to hit model

Caprice Bourret has been caught up in bounds of drama since appearing as a star on this year's Dancing On Ice.

And it appears that there's no end to the spectacle as the 48-year-old model has now been spotted with a swollen eye days after she swapped pro skating partners.

It is not known how Caprice's face became swollen, but insiders have confirmed to The Sun that it didn't happen during ice skating rehearsals.

  • Gemma Collins pleads to Adele for weight loss tips after turning down £1 million DVD

  • Dancing On Ice in chaos – Caprice's split, freak fall and fiery fights backstage

Despite the wound on her face, Caprice stayed positive as she shared a video of her spinning on the ice yesterday morning.

She captioned it: "5am start spinning into the morning with a bang #letsdothis hope everyone has a great day."

On last Sunday's episode it was revealed that Caprice had 'parted ways' with her pro partner Hamish Gaman.

The blonde model then later confirmed that she would be skating with Oscar Peters for the forseeable.

Model Caprice became the first celebrity in the ITV show's history to dump her professional skating partner Hamish due to the fact that he 'pushed her too hard'.

The pair haven't seen each other since their 'catastrophic row' which saw them pull out of Sunday night's live show.

  • Dancing On Ice's Matt Evers rules out romance with H from Steps – for now at least

  • Dancing On Ice's Alex Schauman pulls out after freak fall – leaving Joe Swash's future in danger

She has remained tight-lipped about the reason why she refused to continue working with Hamish, but Caprice told fans she's happy with her new partner.

Confirming who she had been recoupled with, Caprice said: "Oscar Peters. He is amazing."

Following her fallout with Hamish, a source told The Sun: "Caprice’s relationship with Hamish was harmonious at the start but as time went on they became more strained."

"She felt he was pushing her too hard in training and Caprice started to struggle. She felt he could have been more patient and they ended up having a big row."

"In the end it became completely unworkable for them to carry on and after speaking with the bosses they called it quits. It was getting toxic so stopping the partnership was best for everyone."

An ITV spokesman said they were "pleased" Caprice was back on the ice and looked forward to her return this Sunday.

Hamish has not left the show and will continue as part of group performances each week.

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