Amy Childs confesses she feels helpless as she reveals fears for baby son

Amy Childs has revealed her fears for her baby son, Billy, who has been struck by an illness, as she confessed that she feels 'helpless'.

The 33 year old former The Only Way Is Essex star gave birth to twins in April 2023, welcoming Billy and Milly into the world.

But little Billy has gotten ill, and worried mum Amy took to Instagram to fill her millions of followers in on his progress.

She posted a snap of him sleeping in his pram as she wrote: "Poor Billy.

"Little man very poorly, – temp 40 – runny nose – hot – unsettled – coughing – constantly crying.

"B****y hate it when the babies get ill, I feel so helpless!"

Amy continued: "Hopefully he is on the mend in a few days… Lots of mummy and daddy cuddles."

She then aded that her son Billy had his twin sister's bunny 'for comfort'.

Later on, Amy reposted an Instagram story from her fiancé, Billy Delbosq, who shared a throwback snap of her pregnant with their twin babies.

Tagging Amy, he wrote: "6 months since our little twins were sitting comfortable in the belly of my AMAZING future wife," before he added four love heart emojis.

He continued: "Who knew the next day they would be coming into our crazy world… The most AMAZING gift life can give a daddy like me."

In her next Instagram story post, Amy gave another update on Billy.

She wrote: "Another tough night with little man!

"His temperature has gone down but still not well, full of cold, coughing, blocked up.

"A lot of you are saying Covid? Going to test him this morning."

After sharing concerns about her twins arriving early, the now mum-of-four welcomed her babies in April.

The reality TV star is already mum to five year old Polly, and four year old son, Ritchie, who she shares with ex-partners.

Amy found out she was having both a boy and a girl during her pregnancy.

Amy admitted last year her pregnancy was a shock – with the news of her carrying twins being an even bigger one.

“I feel like I’m still in shock – massively in shock. When they said it was twins, I wish we’d videoed it,” she said at the time.

"I went for a few early scans and they told me at eight weeks, ‘There’s two sacks and two heartbeats, congratulations.’ My face was an absolute picture, like, ‘I’m not ready to have a baby – I’m not ready to have twins.’”

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