Clipper Darrell Still Reeling From KO Punch, Suffering Headaches, Dizziness

Clipper Darrell says the punch that sent him crashing to the ground following a game in L.A. last year is still causing him issues … and they’re so bad, he tells TMZ Sports they’re currently preventing him from going to see his beloved team in person this year.

The Clippers superfan — real name Darrell Baileysuffered the initial injury back on Dec. 12, 2022 … after a security guard tagged him on the chin following a dispute in the bowels of Arena.

Darrell says despite having 11 months to recover … he’s still not doing so hot, telling us, “I’m still in therapy.”

CD says frequent headaches and dizziness are commonplace for him still … adding that he’ll never “tease another player in life” over concussions due to the horrible experience he’s having with the one he sustained.

“The headaches and the dizziness is still there,” he said.

Darrell Bailey

Darrell, though, remains a monster Clippers fan despite it all … recently telling us he expects James Harden to gel with the rest of the squad soon — and end up as a top-three seed in the playoffs.

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