Doja Cat Catches Heat for Wearing Shirt with Alt-Right Meme

doja cat

Doja Cat is once again being accused of pandering to fringe communities after wearing a shirt with a photo folks on the alt-right know all too well … showing off one Sam Hyde.

The rapper/singer posted and then deleted these pics on her IG Friday, but fortunately … the Internet captured them and they’re now circulating — with DC getting dragged through the mud for what many consider an endorsement of Hyde and his brand of humor/following.

doja cat

For those unaware, Hyde is a comedian … who has been widely embraced by trolls in online chat rooms and forums, and who’s been accused of even embracing neo-Nazi sentiments.

This particular photo of him holding a semiautomatic has become meme fodder for years — anytime there’s a mass shooting here in the States … far-right keyboard warriors circulate the pic and falsely claim that Sam Hyde is the shooter, attempting to spread misinformation.

sam hyde

It’s unclear if Hyde himself started that whole trend, but he and his comedy group have leaned into the joke — bottom line … the dude is highly problematic and polarizing.

That’s exactly why Doja Cat rocking this shirt — which, BTW, Hyde himself appears to be selling on his own website for a cool $38 — is incredibly strange … and getting double takes from her fans online. By the same token, many others aren’t all that surprised by this either.

Fact is … Doja has flirted with far-right wingers for a long time now — including back in 2020 when old footage surfaced showing her talking to a bunch of dudes in a chat room … which was later alleged to have featured racist convos. She denied those allegations at the time.

Of course … there’s also the “Dindu Nuffin'” song she put out once upon a time. All of that stuff mixed together — plus this latest stunt — is again thrusting her into controversy.

Doja hasn’t responded to this latest wave of criticism.

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