EastEnders Alfie Moon hides health issues as Kat and Phil prepare to marry

Coleen Nolan reacts to Alfie and Phil EastEnders storyline

EastEnders Kat Moon (played by Jessie Wallace) and Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) will be hoping it’s second time lucky as they prepare to walk down the aisle next week after Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) ruined their first attempt.

Last September he ensured that the nuptials didn’t go ahead by kidnapping Kat and subsequently trying to win her round and reunite with her much to Phil’s chagrin.

However, it appears that he may also put a spanner in the works of their second attempt as spoilers released by the BBC indicate that he is hiding two big secrets that might grind proceedings to a halt.

In episodes to air next week Phil is already struggling to contain his guilt about his dalliance with Emma (Patsy Kensit) as Kat excitedly prepares for the wedding.

Being blackmailed by Keanu (Danny Walters) does nothing to ease his tension and when Louise refuses to give the mechanic access to Peggy, Phil lies to him and tells him that he has already told Kat everything.

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Unfortunately, that isn’t the end of it as later a drunken Keanu lets everything slip to Alfie.

Alfie has already been hiding the fact that he lied to Kat about not having prostate cancer and has merely told her he can’t be at the wedding.

Shocked that Phil would betray her the next day Alfie tries to get the truth from Keanu lest he misunderstood.

When he realises that Phil has indeed cheated, he punches him and the two men battle it out.

It soon becomes clear that Phil’s infidelities aren’t the only thing on Alfie’s mind, and he eventually emotionally reveals that he lied about getting the all clear and does in fact have prostate cancer.

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Having been with Alfie every step of the way through his tests Phil is shocked to learn the truth as Alfie who reveals that he’s going to have a prostatectomy.

Meanwhile an excited Kat waits in the registry office in a colourful wedding dress having eschewed white this time around.

When Phil eventually makes it to his wedding Kat is panicked can’t understand why he’s not with Alfie.

As her former husband prepares to go under the knife will Kat and Phil go through with the wedding or will Alfie once again cause them to abandon their celebrations?

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