Optical illusion labelled ‘too accurate’ as it shows if you’re ‘problem solver’

Are you naturally good at catching others in their lies, or are you a problem solver who refrains from acting out for fear of feeling embarrassed?

What you see first in an optical illusion can reportedly show you which of the above personality types you are more likely to have.

The optical illusion was first shared by brainteaser guru Mia Yilin on TikTok, who boasts more than 456,6000 followers on the platform.

The personality test aims to show how your brain is wired lies based on what you see at first glance of a mind-bending picture. The image in question depicts two prominent details; a tree and the side profiles of two faces sitting opposite each other.

“If you first saw the two faces then you are a master problem solver,” noted Mia. “When faced with a challenge you can find practical and innovative solutions.”

Although these people are smart, they fear getting out of their comfort zone because they don’t want to risk embarrassment.

“The fear of looking stupid or being embarrassed often holds you back from achieving your full potential,” noted the narrator.

Meanwhile, Mia noted that those who saw the tree first most likely have a built-in lie detector and can tell when someone is untrustworthy.

“You can easily sniff out when someone’s not being honest with you,” she noted. “Instead of confronting them directly though, you prefer to create some distance.

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“You also like to keep your emotions guarded so that others can’t use your vulnerabilities against you.”

Internet users left several comments under the clip to thank Mia for her analysis, which appeared to resonate with a significant number of viewers.

“Your videos always make my day. Thank you,” wrote one person, while another person asked: “How is it right every time?”

“Very accurate,” wrote another person.

A third view commented: “Tree and it’s too accurate.”

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