ITV Love Island’s Molly Marsh breaks down in tears as she explains anxiety ‘hit the floor’

ITV Love Island's Molly Marsh, who appeared on the latest series of the show, broke down into tears as she explained to her YouTube viewers that her anxiety has “hit the floor”.

Since leaving the villa in the summer, Molly has been keeping her fans updated on her post-Love Island life via her Instagram and YouTube videos. The influencer has been releasing a weekly vlog on her YouTube which comprises of what activities she has got up to in the week.

During the star's latest vlog, Molly was seen sharing what she was having for tea that night before she broke down to tears and said her anxiety was “kicking in”.

Molly said to the camera: “Hi guys just a moment for anxiety kicking in, obviously I want to keep this so real on here. It is 12 o’clock and I’m sat on my floor, naked and in tears. There’s a premier going on tonight and some days my anxiety can be absolutely fine, I’m not worried about anything, I’m good, I’m very confident but gosh, sometimes at the minute it can hit the floor."

Molly then went on to list everything she felt anxious about at that moment in time, before she added: “The amount of silly things in my head that actually don’t matter are ridiculous, I can stop and I can be like I know what I am thinking is completely crazy and it will be fine, but I can’t help the tight feeling of like panic.”

The next segment of the vlog showed Molly all dressed up for the premier as she said she had “plucked up the strength and the courage” to not let the anxiety “beat her”.

Fans showed their support in the comments section as one wrote: “You’re so precious Molly. Totally get you when anxiety suddenly kicks in before an event! Yasss girl for still going to the event”, while another added: “Molly thank you for being so open about your mental health struggles and helping to raise awareness. I’m sure this will help people struggling with similar things not feel alone.”

Another added: “Keep going lovely … you're doing amazing and showing the world it's ok not to hide away when your feeling anxious or down… Lots of people hide the fact they have any MH problems, this makes it worse. Keep being you! Try to post more on your pf too we miss the pics especially of you n Zach having fun and showing the world how happy you are … Be strong sweet girl”.

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