Kane Brown Releases Phil Collins-Sampling Single 'I Can Feel It'

Country music star Kane Brown recently released his latest single, “I Can Feel It.”

“I can feel it in the air / Feel it in the whiskey in my hand / Your hips, your body tells me when you start to dance / Maybe this is turning into a ‘we should probably get up out of here’ / Oh baby I swear / I can feel it in the air,” Brown sings in the chorus.

Brown’s song samples the famous drum part from Phil Collins‘ hit “In the Air Tonight.” The former Genesis singer is listed among the songwriters on “I Can Feel It,” along with Brown, Gabe Foust and Jaxson Free.

“It’s a legendary drum fill and it’s a legendary song. There’s no way I could not do that,” Brown told Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 in reference to including Collins’ name in the credits. “I’m the type of guy that I don’t like to screw anybody over. I feel like good karma is, that’s what’s going to keep you going in life.”

He added, “Even if it was a new guy that was working at a small store nobody knew about, I’d definitely give him writer’s credit… Phil could have said no, so I’m glad that he let me use the song.”

(Photo: RCA Nashville)

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