Kevin Hart Surprises All In Challenge Winner, 'You're Gonna Be a Star!!!'

Move over Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart has a brand new costar — a frontline medical worker who won Kev’s All In Challenge sweepstakes, and as a result got a huge surprise.

Kevin shocked the hell outta Henry Law when he jumped into a video conference call to let him know it’s time for his close-up!!! Henry won the walk-on role in Kevin’s next movie … and yes, he’ll even have a line to deliver.

The exchange between Kevin and Henry — who called himself the next Ken Jeong — was pretty hilarious. They’ve got chemistry!

Henry couldn’t be a more deserving winner. First off, he’s an anesthesiologist who’s been busting his hump on the frontline of the COVID-19 battle. That would’ve been enough — but he’s also a Philadelphia guy, and a huge 76ers fan … just like Kevin and All In Challenge founder, Michael Rubin.

Keep in mind, Henry didn’t drop $800k — like that Tom Brady fan did — to win this awesome prize. Fans can spend as little as $10 to enter for AIC sweepstakes prizes from celebs like Chris Hemsworth, Tiger Woods, Kim Kardashian, Chris Pratt and a bunch more.

Congrats to Henry and Kevin!!! And, sorry, Rock … you can’t get every role.

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