MAFS star Ella ‘wasn’t allowed’ to tell Bianca truth about JJ in dramatic show twist

Married At First Sight star Ella Morgan made a startling admission during the latest episode of the reality TV series, as things turned heartbreaking for a number of couples in the experiment.

As fans geared up for the latest commitment ceremony on E4 tonight, 23 October, it was time for 29 year old Ella and JJ Slater, 30, to face the music with the experts, after a week of drama and the now-infamous dinner party row.

Yet as things kicked off between the group, and an upset Bianca insisted that JJ should have told her that he and Ella were already texting and experiencing a connection, Ella suddenly cut in with a surprising truth.

"It was taken out of our control," the blonde star insisted. "I wanted to, we weren't allowed."

Noticing the puzzling comment, fans took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to discuss whether Ella had inadvertently revealed that the show's producers had given her and JJ orders on how best to handle their brewing romance.

"Ella said ‘we weren’t allowed’ Who wasn’t allowing it and why? #mafs," one person posted.

Another fan wondered: "Ella just said they weren't allowed did production stop it for added drama? #MAFSUK #mafs."

While Bianca continued to say that the pair's decision not to tell her the truth was "disrespectful", JJ then said he "didn't want to do that" to her.

"I didn't ask for it to come out like that [at the dinner party] it was taken away from me by Nathanial doing that," the star explained, and Jordan then chimed in with his own two cents.

"It shouldn't have even got to that stage," the star, who is coupled up with Erica on the show, declared. "As soon as you two felt something for each other you should have said."

The row continued in the wake of Nathanial's decision to leave the experiment off-screen, leaving Ella to talk to the experts alone.

"I was trying to shut my feelings down, I was trying to suppress that because I didn't want this exact situation to happen," she said, before insisting that she and JJ still hadn't "kissed" and she couldn't understand why she was being "made to feel" like she'd "killed a family".

"We haven't done anything, we haven't had this seedy little affair. I am sorry Bianca but I feel what I feel. I will be getting to know JJ outside of this. I want to, and he wants to as well."

Relationship expert Paul Carrick Brunson brought an end to the back and forth by announcing that it was time for Ella to "leave the process".

As yet another dramatic commitment ceremony came to an end, Bianca and JJ also both chose to leave the experiment, having realised there was no longer anything between them.

"It is what it is, I've found someone amazing so it is what it is," Ella added, while Bianca was still heartbroken the experiment didn't turn out how she'd "hoped".

Married At First Sight continues Monday-Thursday at 9pm on E4

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