North West Too Much Like Kanye?! Fans Call Her Out For Rude Kim Kardashian Fashion Comments, BUT…

Like father, like daughter…

North West has seemingly taken after her father Kanye West when it comes to giving Kim Kardashian her unfiltered fashion opinions, and fans are not here for it!

During a trailer for this week’s episode of The Kardashians, the 10-year-old could be seen checking out the reality star’s Met Gala dress in person. While she loved the look over the phone, she wasn’t a big fan once she saw it on, telling the SKIMS founder:

“It’s looking, like, beachy. And the pearls look fake.”


Of course, designer Maison Schiaparelli wasn’t thrilled, saying it was his “worst nightmare” coming true. While the whole thing was funny at first, many viewers took to Reddit to complain about the way the kiddo treats the model — comparing it to the rapper’s controlling behavior! Seriously??

On the social platform, one fan pointed out that back in 2019 Ye also had criticisms of his ex-wife’s Met Gala look, claiming she looked “too sexy.” It was a whole thing, but Kim stood up for herself and rocked the revealing outfit anyway — much to her then-hubby’s dismay. Recalling this interaction, the poster quipped:

“Northie!! You’re just like Daddy, baby!”

Someone else felt the same way, adding:

“Who needs to be married to Kanye when you have a clone putting you in your fashion place.”

Another chimed in:

“When I saw the teaser I was like… this seems like a rerun hmm.”

But, like, are they really comparing a child’s clearly light-hearted attempt at sharing a humorous reaction to the ‘fit to… the Heartless star’s concerning pattern of taking charge of his women by restricting what they can wear?! ‘Cause we think this is VERY different! Sure, maybe North should’ve just pretended to like the outfit no matter what considering she said this moments before the red carpet,  but it’s not like she has a real say over what Kim wears. Unlike the child’s dad used to — as Kim brutally pointed out in the aforementioned 2019 incident.

It’s also not the first time we’ve seen the mogul-in-the-making tell her momma like it is — whether or not she wants to hear it. In a previous episode this season, North also playfully pointed out that the mother of four needed a pimple patch. Meanwhile, Kimmy Kake’s got her back by laughing about the way her firstborn was eating a raw onion in front of cameras. Seems to be an unusual love language between them! And we don’t think she meant to be malicious in any way, unlike Ye’s behavior which used to cause Kim “bad anxiety.” Just saying!

But what do U think, Perezcious readers?! Are North’s comments as bad as Ye’s so-called controlling behavior?! Sound OFF (below)!

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