Optical illusion labelled ‘so true’ as it calls out viewers’ greatest strengths

A new optical illusion has gone viral on TikTok as it can supposedly show if you value personal riches more than you do peace and happiness.

The brainteaser adds to a string of personality tests vowing to reveal different traits and skills based on human perception of imagery.

Mia Yilin is a firm believer that we can gain valuable insights into the minds of individuals by observing how they respond to optical illusions.

Most of the videos on the content creators’ TikTok channel draw on the understanding that an individual’s perception and interpretation of an image will vary based on their core values.

Yilin’s latest test, which comprises a picture of the sky and chemical trails depicting a bird, invites viewers to take note of which element they see first.

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The clip was shared from the brainteaser guru’s TikTok account, where she has racked up a mammoth following of more than 456,000 followers.

“What’s the first thing you see in this picture? If you first saw the sky, then your greatest strength is your self-control,” noted Mia.

When these people set a goal for themselves, they become so hellbent on achieving it that they refuse to rest until they have.

“What you wish for isn’t wealth and riches,” added Yilin. “But rather a peace and happiness with those you.”

Meanwhile, if you first saw the bird then this could mean the past year has been the hardest and most stressful one for you yet, according to Mia.

She continued: “The fast pace of your everyday life makes you feel exhausted, but if you can just hold on a little longer wonderful things are waiting for you on the other side.”

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The message of the clip appeared to resonate deeply with viewers, as it racked up nearly 3,000 likes. One commentator wrote: “I don’t know what method you use but it’s amazing, to say the least.”

Others were baffled by the accuracy of the results, with one commenting: “Predicting the future is understandable; you could say whatever you want. How could you possibly know that this was the hardest year of my life?”

A third quipped “So true.”

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