Queen Camilla waited in the car while King Charles visited Uhuru Gardens

Here are more photos from King Charles and Queen Camilla’s Kenyan tour this week. Most of these photos are from today, as Camilla visited the Brooke Donkey Sanctuary. Camilla wore a dress which looks like it was made of canvas sack cloth, and the dress has some kind of giraffe motif on the skirt. Kind of a weird choice for a donkey sanctuary? Did she think she was doing something with giraffes, or am I being way too literal?

Anyway, the photos from the donkey sanctuary was hilariously bad. The donkeys didn’t want to know her and the one dog – a poodle or poodle mix – actually broke the fourth wall and made a disgusted face to the cameras when Camilla tried to touch his face.

Reportedly, Camilla did not want to make this trip with her husband. The official reason why is because “Camilla hates to fly,” but really, she just didn’t want to go to Kenya or any African country. This photo was published by Nation Africa – Camilla waited in the car while Charles visited Uhuru Gardens. Yiiikes. Guess she didn’t want to mingle with “the natives” anymore than she absolutely had to.

— Nation Africa (@NationAfrica) October 31, 2023

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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